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View Full Version : Luminous particles

10-17-2007, 12:20 AM
I'm looking for a way to make particles that give off light. Not Video Post Glow, actual light cast on other objects. Is this possible?

10-17-2007, 09:18 AM
Have you tried applying a self-illum material to the particles? Don't know if this works though.

10-17-2007, 11:42 AM
Sure it works. Assign a self illum material to your particles (if you want an intensity >1 assign a noise map to your self illum slot, set both colors to white and control the intensity in the output section of the map). Set your renderer to Mental Ray, turn on Final Gather and you're all set.

10-17-2007, 03:23 PM
you can also drive omnis with your particles. htis will speed up your renders. there's a script in the maxscript reference explaining how to drive gizmos with particles.

I think the most difficult part is creating and deleting omnis, when borning particles. but if you first create the p-system, and later create your omnis, and keep this amount, then it will be very simple ;)

on ChannelsUsed pCont do
pCont.usePosition = true
on Init pCont do

on Proceed pCont do
omniArray = $omni* as array
count = pCont.NumParticles()

for i in 1 to count do
pCont.particleIndex = i
omniArray[i].position = pCont.ParticlePosition
on Release pCont do


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