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10-16-2007, 01:30 AM
Hi Guys,

I love the theme, and i hope to have some freetime to sculpt my version of Frankenstein.

I did this concept several months ago, It`s not finished yet, I`m gonna do some changes for the final model.

I hope you like it.

10-16-2007, 01:53 AM
wow! great see you here buddy

Alex Oliver

10-16-2007, 01:28 PM
hey buddy!

long time since last.
your concept is really great.
hope you'll find time to work on it.

good luck.


10-16-2007, 02:17 PM
your concept portfolio looks great

10-16-2007, 05:39 PM
what's up with you guys, brazilian revolution?

10-16-2007, 08:30 PM
Love your concept, can't wait to see more.:thumbsup:

10-18-2007, 08:29 PM
Heads up

HCR Modeling Halloween ONE MOTH TO GO! (Dateline is November 16th) (


10-28-2007, 05:27 AM
Hello Guys,
At last... some Updates in my tread.
I hope you like it
I did the base mesh in Softimage XSI then i sent it to zbrush to add some volume on it and back again to XSI to add some new edges and begin my scupt.

10-28-2007, 10:26 AM
Looking great!:thumbsup:

I really like the melancholic expression on his face!

Keep the update pics flowing. ;)

10-28-2007, 11:13 AM
nice man ,you are doing a very good job here..

amazing concept and cool sculpting .keep on:thumbsup:

10-28-2007, 02:00 PM
amazing sculpt Walfrido!
Alex Oliver

10-29-2007, 02:49 PM
hey dude!
nice to see your concept here!
can wait to see it finished!

take care!

10-30-2007, 09:32 PM
Hey Walfrido!!
Great model and concept!!!

10-31-2007, 04:35 AM
Thank you very much for the compliments :)

I worked a bit on the model but I still have a lot of work to do.

11-01-2007, 07:45 AM
hey man!

really like where this one is going. especially around the abdomen.
will you be posing him like in your concept. think that(the concept) still got some more life to it.

looking forward to your next update.


11-16-2007, 02:26 PM
Hello Guys,

Unfotunately I didn`t have time to finish my model =/

but I hoppe you like the Update!

rasmusW_ Thanks man

11-16-2007, 02:39 PM
Are you kidding me?

That looks great.
Just post it some orthos/ wireframes on the voting thread and you are set.
Heck If you wish you can tweak it on the weekend, since the voting thread will be posted on Monday.

11-16-2007, 06:44 PM
looks great to me Walfrido!!

Alex Oliver

11-16-2007, 08:59 PM
that looks awesome, good work :)

11-17-2007, 08:01 AM
This looks really great, man!

Do yourself and us the favor and work on this some more over the weekend (like most of the rest of us, lol)!


11-17-2007, 09:32 AM
I really like the anatomy of this guy. Torso looks really organic. Impressive work!!

11-17-2007, 06:51 PM
How'd you do the pants?

11-19-2007, 06:35 AM
really great work, you have awesome stuff in your portfolio, i dig your style

11-19-2007, 08:24 AM
Hey guys,
Thanks to all for the compliments.

Im very happy that I had more time to finish the model,after this mini challenge I`ll do a texture for this guy and I want render it in XSI.

suckerpunch- I did the pants with the mesh extract in zbrush.

I hope you like the final result

good luck to all =)

11-19-2007, 08:57 AM
The voting thread is not up yet!

Put it in the thread ( collecting all the entries! Quick!

Great work! It would be too bad if you missed out on the voting!

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11-19-2007, 08:57 AM
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