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04 April 2003, 03:26 PM
I originally wrote a longer back story for my hapless superhero, Boneless Boy but had to cruelly cull it to make the 255 character grade. Below is the full version of Boneless Boy's origin. Hope you enjoy.


Dedicated to ridding the world of poor kitchen hygiene wherever it may lurk.

Trent Strenko, once an assistant local Government food hygiene inspector, spent his days tracking down bad food practices wherever he found them and writing citations.

After a lengthy three-week investigation of renowned Flamboyant French Chef, Frenchie, LaFrench and his ‘Famous French Bistro’ Trent discovered several minor hygiene transgressions – including one slightly grubby knife. He smugly issued Frenchie with a verbal warning thus costing the Chef a much-vaulted 5th Top Posh Nosh Thumbs Up Star. In his fury, Frenchie cracked and became the super villain The Chef and kidnapped Trent. Over the course of a single night, Frenchie filleted the food inspector like a chicken and left him utterly boneless and for dead, before embarking on a worldwide spree of food related criminality.

But Trent was made of sterner stuff and swore revenge. And so, despite lacking any form of skeletal structure he took up the mantle of justice and became the distinctively garbed green and yellow superhero, Boneless Boy. Now he fights to rid the world of tardy kitchen practices and has sworn not to give up until The Chef is placed in [custardy].[B]

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