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Andre Jackson
04 April 2003, 03:21 AM
Well, I originally posted this on the apt604 forums, but they don't seem very talkative.

I didn't introduce myself in my first post, so I figured I would now. Don't mind the angsty screen name, I just keep it because I've been using it for so long. You can call me WAM instead.

Anyway, this is my first attempt at digital painting with painter 7, I used the round camelhair brush with arn's settings almost exclusivly (thanks [FC]). So far though, it's not turning out much like I want. I was going for a likeness of japanese actor takeshi kaneshiro, but it's not going very well, I think if I told you it was him you might be able to tell, but otherwise it doesn't seem to be working (I did exxagerate the nose intentionaly btw, that's part of my drawing style). Btw, I will be adding in Jean Reno and a background of sorts later.

Right now I'm having a very hard time with two things.

1. defining shapes well without conspicious solid-black outlines. I feel they take away from the work. I may try to paint over them with a bigger brush with a darker color of the shape it's meant to define to try and get away from the look later. As you can see, right now they are only temporary and I haven't outlined the shapes that I felt were defined by themselves as it was. I also haven't bothered making sure the paint stayed inside the lines at all times since I may do away with them. If you know of any styles that might fit the piece I'd appreciate it if you could show me some examples.

2. I'm having a lot of trouble with the textures. The hair and the silk cords holding his armor together don't look right to me. Neither do his eyebrows. I'm looking for suggestions on different ways to paint them (brushes, methods, etc) to bring out the texture in them without losing the painted feel. Also, I haven't even started to paint his chainmail yet. The character wears a shirt of chainmail and I simply couldn't find an approach to it that seemed to work. Painting the links individualy didn't seem to look natural when I tried, and it was fair too time consuming. I'm looking for suggestions and techniques on that if you have any.

If you have any other critiques please feel free to share them as well.

Here is the painting in progress:

And a reference of Takeshi Kaneshiro:

And a reference of the pose I'm trying to capture:

You can download the movie from:
Click on Onimusha 3, then go to the movies section (the japanese site has an extra movie but it's mainly just the cg sequence from the one on hte english site, richer color though)

Anyway, thanks in advance. And forgive me for not proofreading, it's late.

04 April 2003, 02:04 PM
lol people dont seem very talkative here either, so im gonna try to say something.

It doesnt look bad to me, except the whole image kinda has the blurry painted look and then the face is all smooth and nice, it kinda throws me off a bit, but that may have been intentional on your part.

Andre Jackson
04 April 2003, 06:22 AM
Thanks for your reply (only one, must be me). I think I agree with you about the inconsistancy in the coloring technique. I'm really new to this sort of thing, and I didn't have an idea for a style or anything when I went into it. So I guess it's no surprise it turned out a little off.

I'm not not entirely sure if this is correactable or if I should just start over. I do want to go for a painted look, but I'd rather not lose the look I have going for the face.

Maybe if I try and bring up the rest of the picture it would work. There are a number of areas I considered adding detail to. The sword slung through his belt could use some more attention. The handle could use a more textured look for the individual threads, as well as the ray skin underneath. The brass/gold parts could stand a little more work too. I'm currently working on adding chainmail and losing the linework. There are a few other details I meant to add as well.

I think maybe if I keep my brush strokes a little tighter I could pull things together, but I'm not sure at this point.

04 April 2003, 10:56 AM
g'day mate,
yeah, i think it's looking good overall.
(just point out few things so u know i am not talking out of ma a$$.)

i think he looks too old, that sword over his head looks too heavy, his expression is too empty as well (give some evil/insane look), maybe that's what GeneralChaos is saying. well that's how i see it, besides that it's cool!

oo and his very yellow for some reason...hmmp..

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