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04 April 2003, 09:18 PM
“Perpetual Boy”
To keep the world safe, by never growing up…

Steve decided to become a superhero on his 13th birthday. He asked his mom for help to make his costume, and told her what he was planning on doing. She was rife with peril for her young son, so she immediately called his father to tell him the story of their young son. Steve’s father being the protective dad he is, told his son they would make him a costume when he got home from work.

They toiled all through the evening and into the night, putting all the gadgets imaginable on the outfit and “super-mobile”, all the while Steve’s father told him about the bad people and the bad things they do out in the real world, Just to help his son prepare for the coming battle against tyranny and the evil in men’s hearts.

The things that Steve’s father told him scared him so bad that he refused to go into the city, instead decided to protect his family from the villains in the backyard. He decided that he was not ready to go out into the “real” world to fight crime. Deciding to pretend the backyard was full of evil villains, the more he played in the yard and the older he got, the more frightened he became of the “real” world. He became more and more withdrawn into the backyard “metropolis” he created in his mind.

Today he is 35 years old and is still keeping the backyard safe, still afraid to go out into the “real” world.

<I have a few sketches so far. will scan them in tomorrow and up them for you to take a look at. BTW this is my first post to a challenge.>

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