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04 April 2002, 12:20 PM
Ah, Hi.

Im working on and W2K box using Max 4.2, and I'v been using max 3 for a while too. Lovin it.

The problem is that when I transform via the transform gizmo arms, the tranform constraint stays on X or Y or Z depending on the move.

I can just pull the gizmo from its center or the geometry but without any accuracy. The XY constraint used to flick back on when I released the transform arm, and that what I want to set up again so my RSI doesnt make me kill a string of discreet personel.

(by the way if you;re about to reply suggesting deleting the 3dsmax.ini.....that only works in 3dsmax R3.x):annoyed:

Help. For the love of 3d!


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