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10 October 2007, 03:11 AM
Hello everyone! My name is Josť from Puerto Rico. I have been around the forums for a while, tried to start a few things here and there, but this is for real. I have recently found an interesting passion wich is to write. I recently published my first book called T.T.E.D. Time Travel Enforcement Department, go ahead and check it out if you want. But this is not about me, so why am I writing about me? So you notice and realize that I am serious about this kind of things and that I know, by experience, that if dedication and time is placed into a specific project, the project will get done one time or the other.

What is it?
It is about 4 orphans who by some expectacular event travel 100 years into the future. It is a sitcom(comedy-drama). Think Back to the Future meets Friends meets Southpark. In the future they will find themselves with a group of 4 as well. This group of 4 will make their lives impossible with their new gadgets and stuff, while the 4 orphans use their knowledge and intelligence, and old school stuff to get through them...well some of them
It will also be a battle of survival, they are alone in the future and they dont know anyone.

The Characters(First episode)
John- The Nerd ( Sketch.
Michael- the badass/cool dude (still working on sketch coming soon)
Sarah - The dumb blonde (still working on sketch..coming soon)
Jessica - The Tomboy ( Sketch

There are other secondary characters, but I won't mention them for now.

What is our goal?
Right now what we want to do is focus on the first episode for now. Our main goal is to create an entertaining and modern comedy. Something never done before, with some aspects that have been done before. We will be realising the episodes in a website and if there is good traffic, we will get advertisers, and from there get some money which we will all enjoy. Plus, if it really works out, maybe later on we can release it on DVD or something. And who knows...maybe a crazy television channel loves it and we sign with them! But in the is for the experience and for the entertainment of it all.

What do we need?
Modelers- Characters and Levels
Animators- To animate everything in the series.
Concept Artists- To draw some of the chracters plus to work on the storyboard.

What we will be needing?
This are positions we don't need yet, but are more than welcome to join us as soon as they want.

Sound Effects guru- someone that can take care of the sound effects (be it voices, natural sounds etc)
Video Editors- A good editor that will be able to put things together from both the sounds and the animations.

Interested? What to do.
You can post here, and email me at Or simply post here. But please, post here even if you are going to e-mail me, so we can keep this thread alive. Once you have contacted me, I will send you the Pilot(first episode) script so you can read it and make sure that you are interested in working with us. We have the copyrights for the don't try anything stupid :P.

Best Regards,

10 October 2007, 02:10 PM
i can help for modelling, photoshop works and web developing.

10 October 2007, 11:05 PM
Great! If you can please e-mail me over at with some of your past work, especifically from modeling and photoshop. Thanks for the interest :D.

Here is a newer picture with the sketches of the characters: (

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