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View Full Version : Where is the collapse, bevel, chamfer tools

10-01-2007, 11:28 AM
Hi...Im a noob to Blender....I am currently review it for use in my studio http://www.dimension-z.net

I have managed to get over the quirky interface and now love it however while learning the modeling tools..I find many things missing....Where is the collapse, bevel, Poke, create polygon and chamfer tools....Do I need to use workarounds to perform these functions.



10-01-2007, 11:59 AM
Collapse: (from spacebar menu)... edit>edges>collapse or Alt m for the shortcut

Bevel: currently from a script, but there's a summer of code thing coming that looks really nice (bevel as you would expect in "edit" or just use a modifier so that it only happens at render time)

The script can be found in the menu next to the "mode" pulldown :
mesh>scripts>Bevel center.

"poke" I'm not familiar with, what does it do?

"Create Polygon" select the verts (2, 3 or 4 at a time) and hit the "f" key
This works for skinning too if you select two edge loops or two groups of faces too (kinda like "bridge" tools that can be found in other packages.

Create verts in space by ctrl LMB with nothing selected or extrude whatever you have selected by doing the same with a selection.

Extrude using the "e" key

"Chamfer" there are some workarounds, but the Bevel Center script with the "recursive" option might help, else check out the Blender Art magazine back issues there's an in depth tutototial on this sort of thing in one of them (can't remeber right now, so sorry!)

The bad news is Blender still lacks a few things, the good news is that they seem to be coming!

If your bold try the various builds available at Graphicall.org where the various branches of latest code can be found.
I love the pop up context menus for the various tools, really nice in making things explicit. Once you know where the tools live, which is harder than it should be!

Good luck


10-01-2007, 12:55 PM
Thanks for the quick reply Mike :)...Also could you help me out with these:

1. Is the Knife same as cut in 3dsmax...and how do I make it cut without getting additional cuts?

2. Can I extrude along curve?

3. Can i rotate the model while adding cuts?

4. How do I change individual polygon pivot points?

Thats all for now...thanks :)

10-01-2007, 01:21 PM
"1. Is the Knife same as cut in 3dsmax...and how do I make it cut without getting additional cuts?"

I haven't used max since version 3.5 ;-) It's a lot like the one from lightwave....

If you use knife exact, you can click, click, click , click and where the "knifeline" intersects an edge it'll add a cut. Not quite so obvious is the "mousedown-drag-mouseup execute" Great for sketching in edgeloops over selected geometry, faster, more sketchy....makes the knife make sense rather than feel clunky... BTW you could just select edged and "W" key subdivide if you just want to add edges

You may also mean the "extra" vertex and edge that gets added ehen you cut two adjacent edges on a quad. This is actually a good feature if you intend to use subdivision surfaces as it maintains a quad based mesh. If you don't like it though you can go to the Edit buttons>mesh tools CornerCuttype pulldown (by default it's a pulldown with "innervert" written on it. Change to "path" or "fan" for more conventional behavior....whatever you're used to...

By "additional cuts" do you mean through back facing? if so, limit the cut by selecting the edges you want to cut first

2. Can I extrude along curve?

Yes, from the curve edit buttons you can pick a "section" you could also attach your section to the path, dupliframe it, freeze and skin.... haven't tried it myself, so you could search for modelling with dupliframes.... it's a workaround for a bi-rail

3. Can i rotate the model while adding cuts?

Only between cuts, it's view dependant...Personally I waver between this not being a problem and wanting a "click on edges" cut tool

4. How do I change individual polygon pivot points?

You don't per se.... you use the 3d cursor.... the cursor is placed using the lmb if you change the pivot pulldown on the menu header (default is a dot with a circle and arrows) to "3d cursor" your tranforms use that as the center...

This becomes good when you snap the cursor to selections (shift s)

I have to sign off and do some work now!

Hope that gives you what you need.


10-01-2007, 01:27 PM
Thanks Mike :)...Gr8 to know the Blender Community has really helpfull pple :D

Im signing off for the day too....will test these pointers tomorrow.

Thanks again

10-01-2007, 04:16 PM
3. Can i rotate the model while adding cuts?

That's why I don't use the knife tool that often. (I love it a lot anyway!).

What I do is in edge select mode, select all the edges where you want to cut through and when your finished: Subdivide (Wkey --> Subdivide).

10-01-2007, 04:23 PM
That's why I don't use the knife tool that often. (I love it a lot anyway!).

What I do is in edge select mode, select all the edges where you want to cut through and when your finished: Subdivide (Wkey --> Subdivide).
i usually do cuts that way, too, sometimes though i can still find some use for the knife tool.. :p

10-01-2007, 04:56 PM
The knife tool has really grown on me, once i found out about the click drag thing I mentioned earlier in this thread... It's also good using the middle mouse constraint and is great for cutting in detail on stuff that is already UVed (such as a quad with a building facade texture on it, although that's only really workable with the new textures in editmode stuff in the svn builds)

I still think that a knife tool like the "cut" tool in silo or wings would be a great addition to the tools...

Both operate with the "add new points on edges and I'll divide between them" paradigm

The wings one is good as you can "skip over" edges and it acts smartly like the knife tool, the Silo one is good as you can click in the middle of a face to add an extra vertex... Both tools are available free to try if anyone fancies having a look...

10-01-2007, 10:08 PM
Well there's tons of workarounds that aren't always workarounds, but more a slightly different way of doing things. but the good Michael has allready answered pretty much all important things about the knife tool and such, if not all. It takes a little getting used to maybe, but this way of doing things will grow on you. Like using the 3d cursor, and other pivot options. I've used max up till version 6 or 7 I believe, well the trials anyway. wouldn't want to go back.
Question: are you acustomed to using the gizmo in max? in max i was acustomed to it, but in blender i don't feel i need it at all, because you can get all the functionality out of a few hotkeys and such.

for transforming/manipulating things, try these shortcuts:
g/r/s grab/rotate/scale
mmb (constrain to axis)
g/r/s+x (constrain to x axis)
g/r/s+xx (constrain to local x axis)
g/r/s+shiftx (constrain to y and z axis)
rr (trackball rotation)
alt/shift s (shrink/fatten and sheer the selection, usefull for makeshift chamfers if you will)

k knife exact, use ctrl to snap to vertex, handy if you want to cut along a predefined edge.
shift V (handy to realign the view to a selection, you can use this in combination with k knife exact to cut along a face, the idea: align the view to the face, so the face displays as planar (edge in screen space) then cut your (new) selection along that edge.)

and i'm sure i'm missing some.
welcome to the club!

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