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vanilla rice
01 January 2002, 02:28 PM

i have an 8 channeled psd file (1 layer) that looks perfect when all channels are selected. however it always defaults to the first channel in greyscale mode when opened. what i'd like to do is save it as a tif (either cmyk or rgb) with all eight original channels represented. i've tried [save as] but this doesn't work, nor does doing a mode change.

please help!


01 January 2002, 02:13 AM
I work extensively with spot channels.. often 10-15 colors per image for clients in the advertiing industry. The sad news about having a great look spot color image and needing a cmyk or even rgb is that there is no conversion method that will move your channels into the cmyk realm.
Here's how to get your doc to the mode you need:
First of all, you need to change the docment mode to cmyk.
Each of the following steps will have to be completed for each channel you have in the document.
1) Load a channel as a selection.
2) create a new layer and name it whatever the channel was named (for organizational purposes on larger documents this is imperitive)
3) Make your fill color the exact same fill color as the spot channel. You can find out what the fill color is for the spot channel by double-clicking on the channel itself.
4) Fill the layer with the color you have just chosen.
5) Set the layer mode to multiply.
6) Delete the spot channel and move to the next one.
If you do this for all of your spot channels you should have an exact match (or at least a reasonable facsimilie) of your spot color document that you can convert to rgb if you choose to.
If for some reason this doesn't work, let me know. I don't think I have forgotten any steps but you never know.

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