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09 September 2007, 04:16 PM
The Star Trek Protector Fan Series to be is looking for new members to help out on every aspect of its production.

The Series is based in the year 2385, and revolves around the crew of the USS Protector a legacy class starship that has just been accused of the impossible, which ultimately splits empires and forges new alliances.

Please, take the time to download and watch the Teaser trailer.

STPTeaser01 (

What we are looking for:
-3d Modelers : for starships and starship interiors and minor things.
-Designers: for starships and interiors.
-Compositors: for shot assembly and integration of special FX
-Special FX animators: any and all special effects we may need like ships exploding.
-General Animators: there will be plenty of shots to choice from for any more animators who wish to join the team.
-2D LCARS: need someone to make us LCARS displays and possibly animate them.

For all the positions above, please contact Jack Skieczius at (

Also, we have position not related to CG for anyone in the area of London UK.
-Camera man
-set lighter

If you think you will be able to help out our live action department in anyway, please contact Scott Robb at (

Please note, the trailer is 88 megs, and is at a high resolution, i am sorry for any inconvenience this may cost for people who don't wish to download something that large. i promise to have a smaller version soon.

All 3D modelers and Animation will be based around Lightwave 3D 9.2 and above. if you are able to help out please be able to use Lightwave as a General tool. we will however accept 3d models made in other programs such as 3DS Max as they can be converted for use in Lightwave fairly easily.

Also note, all work done for the series will be on a pure volunteer basis, as this is a Fan production and no profit will come of it, only fame and later fortunes if you go pro. :)

Please Visit out temporary website for more information on the Series.
Star Trek Protector Temp Website (

For any questions or comments, please post them here.


10 October 2007, 01:41 PM
this is more of a comment really but damn, I just caught this thread and the video preview looks awsome. That is what space battles should be like in Star Trek. I'm looking forward to this.

11 November 2007, 06:43 PM
Nice video, but I think that the physics are a bit too light. A several thousand tons heavy ship shouldn't be affected this much by a torpedo or a phaser hit. Just my point of view, but I think it would be more realistic if you change it a bit.

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11 November 2007, 06:43 PM
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