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09 September 2007, 01:58 PM
I've got a few question followed by a comment which will sound more like a question..
I just found out (after many months) that I had to 'load' the sun.mll plugin before creating a phys env. (that's why I didn't work).
Now I have a DayTime node in which I find those settings : Latitude, Day, Time, Tme offset.
Latitude is ok, I had my basic geography class
Day, I suppose is the day among the 365, day 1 begin 1st of January, but Im not quite sure about this... please confirm ?
Time is the 24 hour system time
Time offset; is this the timezone thing ? So If I live in Quebec, Canada, that would be -5 from Greenwich ?
So that would be two questions.

Now I tested out the Phys Env for a sunrise lighting. I did some simple object with mia_mat and I got this result :

The thing that is 'scaring' me is that do you realize this image took actually EIGHT minutes to render?!!
Imagine when I'll do my big school year project which is an entire 300 ppl capacity cafeteria lunchroom with big windows, all the tables and stuff + adding GI photons and artificial light sources... using this Phys Env thing.... how long it gonna take to do just one preview render in order to tweak, tweak and tweak...

A real nightmare... how on earth am I supposed to acheive a nice final result if I have to wait 5 hours for each preview render ? (we're pretty limited on time for that project)

Anyway, I don't stress with this, just gonna work this out when time will come, but it's always better to have backup solution... so is it possible to acheive similar result of a Phys Env with another faster technique ?

Thx in advance

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09 September 2007, 01:58 PM
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