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04 April 2003, 10:57 AM
I just want to know, what´s your way to render out (from Maya)only a shadow?

04 April 2003, 11:00 AM
emm.. using the shadow render pass from the renderglobals?

04 April 2003, 06:56 PM
What about making a copy of the scene and apply an "useBackground" shader to al the objects?
I never got the passes to work right :surprised

04 April 2003, 08:16 PM
yeah I usually just use the background shader for shadow passes. I can never get the render passes to work right either.

04 April 2003, 08:54 PM
the passes work for me :)

i've been rendering a short i'm working on for the past 2 weeks with 3 passes (color, shadow, diffuse).



04 April 2003, 10:09 AM
How Do you get them to work?
Here`s how I try it, but it doesn`t work:
In RenderLayersWindow I go Edit->Create RenderLayer
I highlight the new one, Edit->select highlighted. Rename it for ex. Shadow and onliy tick shadow in Attribute Editor.
Then I have to add Objects to this Layer:
On left side of the window I select the Shadowlayer, on right side I tick the Objects I want to add. What I try iss to add all Objects, because I want shadows of all objects!
Then I create again another Layer, called Color and tick color.
When I try to add all Objacts here aswell, it removes the Objacts from Shadow-Layer?!? WHY IS THAT????

I need rendered images, ones with color and all objects, but without shadows, and one with all shadows of all objects. But it seems I can`t get them this way? Why?

04 April 2003, 01:20 PM
Don't use layers, that's another issue. Put everything in the same layer and make everything visible. Just focus on rendering global passes for starters, and not all this layers business.

The global pass called "color" is your diffuse and specular shading, but without shadows. The global pass called "shadow" is black in the RGB but has your shadows in the alpha.


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