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09 September 2007, 03:19 PM
I am new to Vue and downloaded the free PLE version. Can I intergrate an XSI forest scene into Vue and finish to all the vegation and sky, lighting effects there - how, export an obj file? Or is it the other way around, do i bring the forest scene in Vue and then bring it into XSI, again, if so, how? Also, if I were to model something in XSI, say like a city scape, I can then bring into Vue and complete it all, the environment, lighting, texturing this way? I imagine I could model some stuff in Vue but it probably quite limited for this and should be used mainly to add vegatation, backrounds, skies, and lanscapes. How would someone best utilize XSi scenes with Vue to make for quality digital art? Is this acceptable for a portfolio piece for an envirnment/texture artist?


09 September 2007, 06:25 PM
Hi Ischena,

I would say that you shoud install the xstream version of Vue 6 PLE, then you do not need to export anything since you can run Vue from XSI. I made a test with XSI 5.11 and Vue xstream PLE and it works well (you can see it here:
The only way I know to import an XSI model into Vue 6 PLE stand alone versio is as an obj file, but I am not an expert :), maybe there are better ways to do it.

good luck with your forest.

09 September 2007, 03:39 AM
Thanks for the post. When you say I can run Vue in XSi, how can I do this? Is there a plugin needed for this, and also, where and how in XSI can I use Vue?



09 September 2007, 02:06 PM
If you install Vue 6 PLE xStream version you can run Vue from your XSI. Just go to view/toolbars to launch Vue (this is the same as working with other add-ons like Syflex in XSI). But again, remember to use the xStream version, not the stand alone version of Vue. Maybe you'll need to reinstall Vue 6 and choose the xStream installation option.

09 September 2007, 02:23 AM
I haven't been able to use this once without crashing XSI. I uninstalled it.


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09 September 2007, 02:23 AM
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