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09 September 2007, 09:22 AM
im using painter x right now, and i dont really know how to customize the interface.
ive been watching some ryan church dvds, and, his interface seems very comfortable and easy.
but i cant mimick the same layout as him, is it because of the difference between painterX and painter 6?
for eg, i just want a toolbar containing my opacity, grain, size, and color palette. but instead, i can only use the whole set at once.
i also notice he has one custom palette which contains all his brushes, and another interface that shows the current and previous brushes he was using, i think.
for those who havent watched his dvds, maybe you can tell me to what depth can the interface layout be customizable.

09 September 2007, 11:02 AM
The Painter 6 interface was limited in how much we could customize it.

For instance, the palettes contained sections that could not be torn off (or undocked) as they were not docked, but instead a fixed part of the particular palette.

Painter 6 Brush Controls palette contained the following sections:

Painter 6 Art Materials palette contained the following sections:

RGB Color
Color Set
Color Variability
Painter 6 Objects palette contained the following sections:

Dynamic Layers
Net Painter
Selection Portfolio
Image Portfolio
We could use Ctrl/Command+H to hide or show all palettes. It was a case of all or nothing when it came to displaying sections in the three palettes mentioned above. Also, we could only customize the F keys or Shift+F keys so even customizing keyboard shortcuts was quite limited.

The Painter X interface, on the other hand, is extremely customizable.

We can arrange palettes however we like, then save the palette layout. Save several if you want. Use Window > Arrange Palettes > Save Layout and give it a descriptive name.

We can undock individual palettes and rearrange the docked groups however we like. Click in a blank area of a palette's name bar and drag to undock it. Click in a blank area of a palette's name bar, then drag it over the left end of another palette's name bar to dock it.

Use the Brush Controls palettes instead of the Brush Creator and you have all of the brush controls available to make on the fly brush control adjustments. Use Window > Brush Controls > Show General to open all of the Brush Controls palettes docked as a group.

Customize your keyboard shortcuts any way you like.

Customize your keyboard shortcuts so you can open the top palette in a docked group with a single keyboard shortcut and it will open the whole docked group.

Use Custom Palettes to hold brush category icons and both main menu and palette menu commands. Save several Custom Palettes for various kinds of work.

Click the Tab key to hide all palettes, then click it again to show all palettes (show the palettes you have in your saved palette layout or the palettes open when you hit the Tab key the last time).

Read the following to learn how to do all this and probably more I didn't think to mention:

Painter X Help > Help Topics > Contents tab > A Workspace Tour
Click the plus sign to the left of A Workspace Tour, then click The Palettes and read everything on the page displayed in the right panel.
Painter X Help > Help Topics > Contents tab > A Workspace TourClick the plus sign to the left of A Workspace Tour, then click Custom Palettes and read everything on the page displayed in the right panel.
Painter X Help > Help Topics > Contents tab > The BasicsClick the plus sign to the left of The Basics, then click Setting Preferences. On the page displayed in the right panel, click Customize Keys Preferences and read everything in that section.

09 September 2007, 11:45 PM
Yes Ryan on the older tutorials was using Painter 6, I still find this version the best out there and one of the best interfaces ever, horizontal tools palette is awesome, again another of my suggestions sent to Corel, an option to choose vertical or horizontal (classic) orientation of the tools palette.

Painter 7 does have an option to undock the palettes you don't want but it has many bugs and other things are broken like zooming.

Then with Painter 8 we got presented with the modern Painter interface that still lasts to the current version, I simply can't get used to it, the click to activate slidders completly breaks my tempo.

09 September 2007, 12:48 AM
"the click to activate slidders completly breaks my tempo."

You don't have to release or lift the stylus. Once you click on the down arrow, move the stylus left or right and the indicator will follow along. Actually easier to use than Photoshop's.

09 September 2007, 03:04 AM
I don't know about you guys, but I think the easiest way to get used to a program is to just shrug off any of the small annoyances that arises when you have used other softwares until they come up with a better solution for all of us.

Also it helps to specialize the work tasks to specific softwares, example I use Painter solely as a digital painting tool and PS as bitmap editing - I used to use both as a digital Painting tool, but the different workflow in each software becomes distracting. This way, it keeps the annoyances of each of the respective software's drawbacks and the users's attachment to a certain app interface to a minimum.

In my sole opinion, the current Painter interface (especially the arrow and slider thing) though looks outdated, works great with AutoIt and Autohotkey for shortcutting the unshortcuttable, something that doesn't always work with PS (until they come up with something like Maya's script enabled hotkeys, which isn't likely going to happen)

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