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09 September 2007, 10:14 PM
Hey all. i have a character wich i have made some very basic joints to. i have just created a neck and a joint for the head and at the ear i have made a joint for the jaw opening process.

This has bin skinned with smooth bind and everything works good, i have painted the wieghts and it looks okay, now to the problem. when i make a blendshape and i want to make for example eyebrows raised i take both the brows up and make a blendshape out of that. however now i want to be able to make a new one from that wich i give 0 in weight on one side so it only affects one side. the problem is that even when i check that the original bs with both brows raised works i cannot get any value on the vertices in the component editor under blendshape weights. this i cannot understand at all. i am testing my way forward and the only thing i have found out is that it works when i use front of chain on the bs but not otherwise.

Shouldnt it work in parallel? is this a bug? im using maya 8.5

we where maybee 5 ppl in class today wich got the same problem and the teacher couldnt really help us.

Maybee anyone here can point me in the right way?

i have checked the hierarchy and there is no weird nodes at all. i have tested to redo every step. with detaching skin, deleting history binding and painting wieghts. still no success.


09 September 2007, 03:28 PM
It's usually best to leave the blendshape deformation order setting to default, and just reorder using the show inputs window. The normal order would be to have the facial blendshape calculate first, then have the skin after that. Why do you want to set the deformation order to parallel in the first place? Will there be another deformer other than the skin node acting at the same time the facial blendshape is supposed to? If this is so you can have two blendshape nodes on the same geometry, I think it would be better to just have one blendshape node if you can help it.

With regards to generating left and right symmetrical targets that add up to the original with both sides activated, in this case you could apply your brows up shape as a temp blendshape to a copy of your original default target, use edit membership to remove half of the vertices from the center line, set the mid line to .5 weight in the component editor, the row from the center line nearer to the default side of the face to .25, and the line nearer to the activated side to 75 (or weight in more rows, just as long as they have weights which add up to one so they will be a mirror to their symmetrical counterpart). This should give you a smooth transition on the target: Duplicate the resulting geometry, and delete your temporary blendshape node. Then select the copy from the default original again, and repeat the steps but for the opposite side this time. Then apply your two resulting targets to the duplicate and turn them on at the same time to see if they produce the original shape. This process will allow you to make symmetrical shapes which add up properly when turned on.

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09 September 2007, 03:28 PM
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