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09 September 2007, 10:59 PM
hi, im hoping someone could help me out here, I've found some very good help here from some good people I don't wanna get out of hand asking help all the time for little things but I'm hoping I can find at least one person who's ethusiastic about helping another in need, well my problem this time is quite simple as I suppose and its probably been nswered but I haven't found it, if someone has a link please shoot it this way, well as u can see I have a tube chamber that's filled with water, well all I simply want to do is create the illusion of light going thru the water and having that wavy effect of light jiggle around on the floor that's outside the chamber, I have an ocean shader on a nurb cylinder and even though u can't see it in this picture I can I see the wavy light effect both on top and at the bottom but I'm having a hard time getting that wavy effect to come out and pass thru the glass, I hope u guys understand me I just want that wavy illusion to hit the outside onto the floor and animate that wavy effect, I'm stuck I tried adding a turbulence to the nurb with the ocean shader but all I got was some weird effect where the cylinder would move out of place, I'm a newbie and its hard when there is so much information to learn all this, I tried google but I think I was findoing thr wrong things, well that's the main thing I want to do but if no one knows then I have another obstacle, I want to create a realsitc bubbles to flow in the water chamber I know this is possible with particle emitter but I can't constrain the particles within the chamber or have it bubble up rather than omni directional where it just spreads out into a ball well I know this is simple just a few tweaks but if anyone knows how to animate the water so that it has a litle bit of turbulance and waves and have the light shine past past the glass ( which r 2 nurb cylinders with tranperncey all the way up) or knows how to create the an immense and violent bubbles boil up to yhe surface it would be greatly appreciared I have realflow and maya 8.5 and if anyonw knows anything even a good link to another site that could help it would be grandly appreciated of u and u would be helping me digg deeper into the world of cg thank u

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09 September 2007, 10:59 PM
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