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09 September 2007, 06:36 PM
I need some help.

I've got MAYA 8.5 and VUE.

1.I don't see an option to integrade XSTREAM into MAYA 8.5(it has a plugin but for maya 8.0).Is this correct ?

2.I am trying to use the synchro plugin into MAYA 8.5.I've got my scene.When i execute the vue plugin to export the animation data to VUE for synchronization, it reads very few frames of the actual animation.For example i have a scene that is about 300 frames.
I want to synchronize my camera animation.I execute the synchro plugin and it reads that the scene is 64 frames and of course the animation into VUE is incomplete.

What's the problem ? Is this a known issue ?

Thanks in advance.

09 September 2007, 07:17 PM
me and my team was working in abig project and we use thes stuped vue it has alot of bugs more than you imagen . but we find a way to fake it by useing camera projaction in maya

09 September 2007, 06:42 PM
i dont tink xstream can b used in maya 8.5 yet. on ur other problem, try putting the right number of frames in the render settings(global), hopefully dat should help.

10 October 2007, 01:36 PM
1.I don't see an option to integrade XSTREAM into MAYA 8.5(it has a plugin but for maya 8.0).Is this correct ?

Run xStream Plug in installer first - it will be found Maya 8.5 and put it on it's list with a check mark on side (I hope) Install the plug in and register it for Mental Ray renderer. I am using Vue 6 xStream with Maya 8.0. It's even installing to Cinema 4D 10 - I think it can work with 8.5 too.

After installing and registeration start Maya and on Maya Command Panel enter following mel command:

loadNewShelf "shelf_Vue6xStreamPlugin.mel";

and hit enter - it will be create a Vue shelf on Maya to open scenes, atmospheres ect.

Hope that helps...

10 October 2007, 12:15 AM
Kerem is right... but there is an additional updated plugin pack for Maya 8.5 in the Vue updates site for download...
I've tried it but i can't make it run... the shelves are loaded into maya with the command Kerem mentioned but when i try to do anithing it says that Vue installation has failed XD... so try it and tell us if it works!:shrug:

10 October 2007, 08:32 AM

I have this Big problem with xStream. I need to get a camera path from a scene exported via the 'export camera path' option that should generate a .ma file for Maya.

Problems: if I do this, I get the .ma file but when I try to import/load it into Maya it gives me an error like 'unknown/unrecognized maya version' or something. Tried it on several computers, both in Maya 8.5 and Maya8.0. Why doesn't it work?

I need this file because I'm unable to use xStream properly in production - it still doesn't work on 64bits and depending on the system is still faulty on 32 bits as well, the maya plugin at least. I cant just save the maya file including the Vue info if it doesn't work on another system. So I need that camera movement separately and I'll do the rest in composition...

Please, could anyone lend some help, I would really appreciate, I'll can give you the file on a PM if needed...

10 October 2007, 12:51 PM

im on a project with a lots of environments and projections...
first, vue xstream represented itself as a reliable way to work with maya for complex scnes with great GI and FG ..... but its very buggy.

it gives a lot of errors and is mostly unstable .. it even ruined MI config so that mental ray in maya doesn't work as it should...( as vue should change it to work with it within maya) and i had to reinstall maya ...
on the other word. i prefer to work with vue rather than xstream itself...

but yeah , i need synchro plugin to use vue shots then do the whole stuffs in post pro... in combination of camera projection which is exteremly handy...

im just starting to export camera pathes to vue with synchro plugins .. hope it'll work..

good luck :)

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10 October 2007, 12:51 PM
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