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mr Bob
08 August 2007, 01:15 PM
I am using this node in a pure colour pass with FG turned on. I have created several other render layers and one is reflection.
My question:- Is there any way to turn off this node from having any influence on other render layers. As I have created a seperate reflection dome I wish to use. Even thought the IBL node is hidden and not in the layer it still casts its influence over the layer because it sits in the render settings for the layer and yu cannot apply an override to it ...which seems pretty stupid ! thus causing my reflection dome not to work.Is there a work around to fix this ?


09 September 2007, 09:56 PM
what exactly is going on that you dont want? "it casts its influence" is a bit ambiguous. Is it that you don't want it to do FG lighting, show up in the reflections... ? Are you just trying to do a pure reflection pass, nothing else?

09 September 2007, 05:26 AM
Are you talking about removing it from those layers?

mr Bob
09 September 2007, 08:05 AM
Cheers for the thoughts , but the whole render layers within maya is flawed. I have a scene that rendered fine 20mins ago.Its now telling me on each layer I have no materials assigned to any objects and all I did was go and get a coffee. Ive called round to a few people and the point that keeps repeating is renderlayers just doesnt work well with MR.I must say after using MR with maya .Somebody on the maya team should look at xsi's render layers system they actually do work ! It really doesnt give you much faith, in Maya's next touted feature !

just for info I get this for every node with a material
// Error: (Mayatomr.Geometry) : rearlight:MeshShape: no material assigned, ignored //

and now after applying a lambert shader to try and export the scene I get

// Error: File contains unknown nodes or data. To preserve this information, the current file type cannot be changed. //


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09 September 2007, 08:05 AM
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