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08 August 2007, 05:29 PM

I'm trying to optimize an interior scene that uses the mia_material quite heavily. Under the Ambient Occlusion section of mia_material, there's a field for Distance. From reading the documentation, I now know that decreasing the distance can reduce render times. This leads me to wonder if there is a way to use something like the Distance Tool to "measure" an optimized value. Any suggestions, or alternate ways of finding the best radius would be appreciated.

From the documentation: The ao_distance parameter defines the radius within which occluding objects are found. Smaller values restrict the AO effect only to small crevices but are much faster to render.


08 August 2007, 08:14 PM
that just controls the 'dirt' spread around the corners...
just tweak it until you get the desired dirt effect,
and yep, smaller dirt spread leads to faster rendertimes,
but that's not an optimisation if you know what i mean...:)

08 August 2007, 10:36 PM
I understand your way of looking at it as a spread. I'm viewing the radius/distance, as a value to the object(s) that would create the occlusion. If you had some visual indicator to the "occluders", then wouldn't you know this figure better?

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08 August 2007, 10:36 PM
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