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08 August 2007, 11:11 PM
Hi folks
I'm currently working on a bit of an animation and I'm having a
problem getting 3ds max to output 25 frames per second.
I dont have to much experience i this field so I'm probably doing something wrong

My timeline is set to 25fps and I'm exporting targas and compositing in after effects.

If I set the after effects comp settings to 25fps and make sure the targa footage
is interpreted at 25fps, the resulting animation is choppy compared to one where
the after effects settings were all left at 30fps

If I check the duration of the animation against the number of images rendered
it appears that there are 30 rendered frames per second. I'm guessing that
in showing this at 25fps, there will be dropped frames or something,
resulting in the choppiness

Could this have occured because I originally created the animation keys in a 30fps
timeline and then switched to 25fps?
Also I am rendering ith vray, could this have somethig to do with it?
Or is there a 3ds max or after effects setting that I have overlooked?


Mr. D
08 August 2007, 05:28 PM

firstly switching from 30 fps to 25 fps does not recalculate your animation. if it took 30 frame for say a walk loop and you switch to 25 fps it still take 30 frames to do the loop. Just that now instead of a second it take around 1.2 seconds.

there use to be a script for converting animation speeds, suggest rummaging around, and hopefully another respondant can give you the exact name.

another thing you can try is to use your 'time configuration' to rescale your original animation.
be in 30 fps mode set your frame count equal to original animation
open> time configuration look at frame rate NTSC - PAL buttons, and click back and forth between the two.
below in the animation area watch the numbers change, it will approximately tell you how many frames your 30 fps animation would be at 25 fps.
load your original 30 fps animation and do the same by clicking the Pal button, now in the animation area hit the 're-scale time' button. check the popup and hit ok.
Max will try to recalculate your animation to play at the 25 fps speed.

Of course this will shift your keys around, and if your your using sounds you'll need to check if everything syncs up ok still

Mr. D

08 August 2007, 10:32 PM
Thanks a lot for replying Mr.D

I've tried to use the time configuration and the re-scale time to make
my original 30fps animation playback correctly in 25fps, but it seems
to playback choppy in 25fps no matter what I do.

In case it was the 30fps animation that was causing the problem I did a little test.
I've just done a simple walk, working in 25fps from the start
I've rendered out a sequence of frames
When I play it back in the RAM player it looks obviously choppy in 25fps
but smooth and normal in 30fps.

I think there's something obvious that I'm not doing :P
I'll be able ask my teacher today anyway

- Eoin

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08 August 2007, 10:32 PM
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