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08 August 2007, 11:58 AM
I asked in another forum this same question.. people there wernt much help. My app is Maya 7.

ok i recently started exparamenting with Subd i like the power i get with them. My model is comnplete ( all sculpting is done ) i didn't know i shoulda layed out the UVs befor i converted to subd. i can layout UVs no problem on a poly object usualy cut it in half and then cut the mody into parts and map a part at a time and gradualy put it togeather again. cant to that with subd. So i took an older stage model befor the subd conversion i layed out the UVs on that one. now i want to Import the low poly model and take its UVs and apply them to the subd model. now i switch the Subd model with all details to poly proxy i take my, true poly model with mapped UVs and tried to Apply them to the Poly proxy cage of the subd. then it gives me this message

polyTransfer -vc 0 -uv 1 -v 0 -ao polytexture_mesh:polySurfaceShape15 polyToSubdShape4HistPoly;
// Warning: Can't perform polyTransfer1 on disabled selection //
// Result: polyTransfer1 //

no transfer ever occurs. i also whet tot the sub d and told it to inherit from poly. i veryfied this, i pressed 6 for texture mode, and also did a render of the subd. and the texture on the subd isn't mapped at all its all warped.

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08 August 2007, 11:58 AM
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