View Full Version : sorry if this is a repost- logitech orbit cam with realtime 3d tracking

08 August 2007, 08:20 PM

can anybody hack this to spit out data we can use in maya? pleasssssse??/

Crazzy Legs
08 August 2007, 04:48 AM
good find! This technology is really cool, and will offer a ton of amazing features and take awhile for companies to really get the hang of. Those are good things.

This isn't 3D tracking though. Its 2D. Though it scales the graphics to match depth offset in the physical world, it isn't truely 3D. Unless different from some of the other setups out there, it isn't the camera that has anything to do with the tracking, its the software on the computer.

Again, this is still a great find. Artists will be having a ton of fun with this. A lot of fun.

08 August 2007, 02:45 AM
Wow, that is quite the impressive - if not totally silly - product. If it can track your face (assuming using your eyes) would be interesting what it could be hacked into doing.

Cool stuff - and I would assume dirt cheap (but that's just a guess).

08 August 2007, 07:14 PM
they are using it to drive fully 3d characters if you watch far enough into the demo. if thats not realtime mocap i dont know what is. i am ready to beleive that it is limited to a particular scenario like a persons face and upper body but heck, thats half the shots in a movie or tv show..

i am also ready to beleive they wrote custom software to hook their rigs up to the data from the cam but hey, someplace that data exists, they already showed it can be made to drive 3d in at least one situation, so i'm just wondering how that data could drive 3d in say, maya instead of their little app :)

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08 August 2007, 07:14 PM
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