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08 August 2007, 04:01 AM
I am having trouble mapping an object with blender i have it unwrapped and i have the texture ready to go, i jest don't know how to apply it to the model. I haven't been able to find any tutorials about applying the texture to the model itself any help would be great, thanks

Mr. D
08 August 2007, 05:33 PM

1) Open up both a 3d View Window (set for Textured), and UV/Image Editor Window

2) Select your object in 3d View and set mode to UV Face Select, should default to all faces selected, if not select all faces)

3) Press 'U' key to bringup UV Calculations PopUp, Select type(you might try Unwrap-smart projection)

4) Look to UV/Image Editor your should now see you new UV layout. The purple dots are UV verts, select and manipulate as wanted.

5) For Image in UV/Image Editor do Open>Image to load one, or check the Image list bar located next to 'UV's' to see if already loaded.
This will then also show in the 3d View.

IMPORTANT: The texture your using in the UV/Image Editor has nothing to do with your object's material, nor does what you see in the 3d View. Those are there for you to work on UV mapping, it is not the material assigned to your object. That is done through the Material Editor, and shows only on full render (trying putting a different Image in your UV/Image Editor, and do a full render to see what I mean).

Good luck and good bye

Mr. D

08 August 2007, 06:00 PM
And isn't that last important thing just the thing he's trying to figure out,
in theory, and reality, you don't need to have your image there other for visual feedback and quick editing, NOT for applying it, it is more of a "drawingboard/workbench"

well, to apply it, go to the material/shading tab F5,
In the links and pipeline tab, apply a material (one is probably applied, the default, but just in case there isn't, create a new one. You can name it whatever you want.)

The material you applied can be seen as a container for a lot of shading options, one of them is being able to attach images, and map them in various ways to your model.
Since you're going to be using a diffuse map on a certain uv map (I mean the unwrapped model has a UV layout, you can create more than one as well, handy to cover seams and stuff.), lets go to the Texture/Map input/Map to tab.
Under map input, select UV, and if you have multiple UV sets on the same mesh, you can choose which one you want it set to by filling it's name in the option bar, it says "UV:", but only if you choose UV, otherwise it will say "Ob:"
Go back to the texture tab, choose a texture, you can choose Tex1, which is defaulted to materials, or you can create a new one. I'd create a new one.

Go to the texture buttons (F6) and you can set the type of texture, select image, see a nice select/load tab appear to the right, and load your texture. You can choose to pack it with your blend file as well.

Back to the material buttons: your texture will default to "map to" (tab) to the color, which is what you want. But if you have say, a bump map, you can add a new texture in the texture area of the "texture/map input/map to" tab. You can layer up different textures this way.
Set the new texture to image as well, load your bump map, go back to material buttons>texture/map input/map to, and deselect col and select nor. selecting nor twice changes it's type color to yellow, and inverts the bump.

It's really a lot simpler than it may seem as i write this down, I thought I'd tell it a little more complete....

So short version:
Select object
Go to shading tab (F5)
texture/map input/map to tab> set map to col(default)
texture/map input/map to tab> set map input to UV(optional fill in which UVset, create new ones in editmode)
Go to texture buttons (F6)
select texture type> choose image
Load image
If you want bump, and spec/light and all you repeat these steps with bump and spec images, and change the map to tab to Nor and spec (or amb, or disp or whatever option you want.)
choose a new layer in the texture/map input/map to tab.

Mr. D
08 August 2007, 08:57 PM

Misread question, as in reality it is more of how to apply a textured material to and object, and suggest following Freaky's advise.

In a 'Buttons' View Window
F6 Image Type > from list pick Image
F5 Texture Tab Area > TE:Tex find your Image from list
Map Input Tab pick UV
Map To Tab pick COL

Mr. D

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