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The Copernicus Project is a team-oriented, class-based third person/first person shooter utilizing Unreal Engine 3 and being distributed as a modification through Unreal Tournament 3. The game pits two opposing teams against each other, the team-oriented, gun wielding Spec Ops soldiers, and the solo, magic-wielding Templar Monks.

More information is available in our Overview (

The Benefits

Unreal Engine 3 is proving to be the middleware solution for this generation, with many large companies using it for in-house development. There are many triple-A titles on the horizon that are powered by Epic's technology. Thus, The Copernicus Project will prove to be a bankable project that developers will be able to use on their path to a professional career in the industry. The Copernicus Project allows developers to cut their teeth on the same tools and solutions that professional developers themselves are using, as well as experiencing the same pipelines for development.
Any developer whom contributes to The Copernicus Project will receive full credit and reference to all work performed.

With the advancement in technology, asset creation becomes more and more complex. Thus, mods take longer and require a much more professional team to make progress. The Copernicus Project is led by a Project Manager who has shipped a retail title, and is well versed in the pitfalls of web-based development, as well as other members who have industry experience.

The Art ( ( ( ( (

More art is available at both our website ( as well as our moddb profile (

The Jobs

Level Designers

UE3 brings maps to the table that are light-years ahead of their previous iterations, and with the addition of both additive and subtractive bsp to UnrealEd, both seasoned Unreal mappers and mappers from other games will adapt quickly to the new UnrealEd.

Applicants should have:

+ Strong Portfolio of Previous Work (any recent game with BSP technology)
+ Strong Experience with Level Design and Flow
+ Ability to Create Static Meshes a Plus
+ UnrealEd experience a plus, but not required

Modelers (Character)

UE3 finally bridges the gap between high polygon 'production' quality and the lower polygon models from previous Unreal generations.

Applicants should have:

+ Strong Portfolio of both High and Low Poly Work
+ Ability to Work from Concept Sketches and/or Treatments
+ Ability to UV Map Models
+ Texturing Abilities a Plus

Texture Artists

With UE3, texture quality and resolution has skyrocketed, with textures clocking in in the megabytes and resolutions of 2048x2048 and higher becoming the norm. Therefore, attention to detail and a knack for creating both realistic and fantasy textures is a must.

Applicants should have:

+ Strong Portfolio of Previous Texture Work
+ Ability to Work at Very High Resolutions (2048x2048 +)
+ Intimate Knowledge of Photoshop

If you meet these requirements, and wish to work with a professional team on a cutting edge project send an email to with the subject line "Name - Position" and a brief summary of your talents.

Be sure to attach any reference material and previous work.

Documentation for The Copernicus Project is available upon request.

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