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03 March 2003, 09:57 PM
OK, so there's loads of different ways of modelling just about anything. Take a car.. The way i see it you could box model from the start, or perhaps start with splines and surface tools and then convert to a box model afterwards - or a patch perhaps.. or you could go the whole way with the NURBS thing.. So which is better for what?

I'm very fond of surface tools (spline modelling with the surface modifier) to get the accuracy needed for many surfaces.. but then when you convert to a mesh to add dietail to the surface (e.g. door handels, air scoops) - and then add a meshsmooth, you still can loose dietail as it may not smooth how you like.. How deitailed do you make the mesh from the surface modifier? A compromise between keeping the surface form and over dietail?

Or is it best to convert the surface modifier to a bezier patch to keep the same curves you originally drew and wanted.. but then how do you add deital to a bezier patch in the same way you can play arround with box modelling?

Forget it and use NURBS? where do editable poly's come in? Say you were to model a decent car, what's the outline of the method you would use..? (not looking for a tutorial here at all, just poeoples oppinions on what's best..)

So What techniques do people use?

end of rant.


03 March 2003, 10:32 PM
I love to use point modeling where you just draw an outline in points then copy paste the points to one side or up or down. than make polys out of the points. do this enough and viola you have a model.

just smooth it a little afterwards to get rid of the hard edges. and boom. instant good model.

04 April 2003, 06:26 AM
well... box modeling from a cube out... still having a hard time wrapping my head around Low poly modeling, keep wanting to model out the parts... haha... anyways it's only a hobby for me, so learning through practice how to whittle away a cube into something that looks like something is a comforting way to spend an evening after the kids go to bed.

Perhaps if I was product modeling I would take a different approach for sure... but for a hobby box modeling is really just like carving and/or sculpting in a electronic sort of way... great fun that I would highly recommend to anybody...

happy creat'n eh... :)

04 April 2003, 07:24 AM
Use whatever it takes. You'll quickly get to know your favourite techniques for specific tasks.

04 April 2003, 11:56 PM
Haha, it is as tricky to learn the cutoff points for the various methods to apply as it is to understand which app delivers the goods throught out these stages...

take C4D for instance... and berfore any of you hardcore C4D fanateics get in an uproar, set back a bit and ponder this... the dolly/rotate in 3D/zoom features should be on the mouse as is the case with Wings... this one feature makes the difference in choosing to box model with Wings as in apposed to C4D... how important is this one feature you ask?

Well... boxing out from the cube for instance...

select cube... select faces, dolly, select the otherside face and extrude... dolly to next suspect face(s) and extrude, scale, rotate whatever... dolly and zoom back to check things out.... zoom and dolly back in and select nect series of faces/edges/verts and perform some procedure... dolly round some more.... on and on it goes... the highest common of denominator through out this process is non other than dolly... you say, well it is easily compensated for by the multi viewports... hahaha, I will go for the whole window anyday... anyways... there ya have it, right from the git go... redundant procedures vs good workflow with the most common used of all features... no matter the app.

on the otherhand you won't find the widgits in Wings3D....ugggg

I believe that it is simply easier to grab those widgits than it is to keep in mind the axis and then have to use the ever slippery sliding menus and or to position in the qwerty fashion for same... too many repetitive moves/procedures to have to think any harder than should be required... leave the brain pump for the creative end of things concept wise, rather than forcing it to do these redundant motions... there enough said... Maxon, please make the dolly/zoom on mouse please...

and/or... Wings developers... somebody please write a plug in for Widgits... :D :D

.... I tell you it is but one or two tools and/or methods not found within each app that after ya try things that way, well you regret you did, because now instead of doing everything under one hood, you find yourself going for those tools which truly make sense...

hahaha, oh well, it's fun...

happy creat'n all...

04 April 2003, 01:30 AM
im a poly modeler by heart, but i foun out that spline modeling take you to the same result quicker. combine both and you can model anything

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