View Full Version : For those guys that aren't on the ML anymore new V10.5 alpha 6 is out

03 March 2003, 06:39 PM
here is the email

Fixed crash pasting muscle after clearing action {<a
Switching windows selects the object that window is for {<a
Fixed not being able to move cps in mirror mode that lie on the mirror
{<a href=>Tyler</a>}
Fixed Bones mode undo {<a
Fixed selecting bone shortcut under relation, after you edit it a second
time, commands go to bone cache {<a
Fixed makekey with limit constraints {Marcus}
Fixed problem in alpha 5+ from 3/24, saved chors didn't load correctly
{Joe W}
Fixed Tack in timeline not drawing {Tyler}
Fixed chor glow properties not being animatable
Fixed deleting lights that are in a lightlist {Tyler}
Holding shift while doing a square bound group turns off magnet mode for
quick hiding {Jeff}
Added MultiSelect to many OpenDialogs
Multipass Light Jittering works correctly now
Smartskin displays the values on the keys as euler as long as a window
is open.
Creation of duplicate keys on Smartskin is disallowed.
Loading older projects removes mistaken duplicate keys from smartskin.
Next/Prev keyframe walks through smartskin keyframes more reliably.
Paste mirrored muscle is slightly faster.
Sped up memory allocator in heavily fragmented situations.
Fixed slow drawing that occurred when having two action windows open.
Double clicking a relation key with no window open, opens the relation
window. {Tyler Libbert}
Can multi-select bones and translate or rotate them again.
Cameras can be multi-selected along with all other bones and be
Action ease does not lag behind one frame, hence it works in NetRender.
{Mike Ulrich}

There is also a new release of ver 10 it's up to 10k now.

hope this helped somebody

03 March 2003, 07:29 AM
When v10.5 will be released?
I want to upgrade A:M but I don't know how long I must wait for a new release...

03 March 2003, 05:58 PM
10.5 is an Alpha- this means after user-testing features will go to a beta release then finally release.

If it's out this year you have to remember AM works to a subscription methodology. You buy a CD with vs 10 on it but that allows you to download and install whatever upgrades or releases are out that year.

Nobody outside of Hash will give you a date for release but check when 10.5 goes to Beta. vs 10 itself went through at least 7 beta versions if I remember correctly.

03 March 2003, 01:29 AM
Can anyone else not get symmetry working in this version.*sigh* It looks like another backward step to me.

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