View Full Version : Preventing deformation?

03-29-2003, 02:03 PM
When I rotate my character's shoulder joint inward the chest squishes/stretches . Is there a way to prevent this?

03-30-2003, 08:10 PM
never've defined weight maps?

03-30-2003, 08:16 PM
weight maps? no, i don't even know what weight maps are.

03-30-2003, 09:17 PM
a weight map is a map ;) which defines the area in which a bone may take effect and in what degree it may take effect...imo weight maps are one of the most useful toys to you do a weight map for every bone and link them together so the bone 'knows' where he may take how much effect....just check out the manual of your app to determine how weight maps have to be done in your very one

03-30-2003, 11:00 PM
alrighty. thanks!

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