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08 August 2007, 07:29 PM
Hi, I have another maxScript question :)

I would like to be able to set a quadmenu shortcut that would both clear my smoothing groups, and assign them to the same smoothing group (let's say smoothing group 1). The basic effect I'm looking for is to be able to select an object and smooth all the normals for that object with one click.

Right now, the clear smoothing groups works, which gives the result of all the normals being hard. But, when I try to follow that up with setting the smoothing groups to 1, my script errors when I try to run it. I used the MaxScript Listener Window to record what I thought were the commands for what I wanted to do (by performing the actions manually)

$.EditablePoly.setSmoothingGroups 0

$.EditablePoly.setSmoothingGroups 1

Any idea why this might not work?

Thanks for any help

08 August 2007, 11:34 PM
I wrote a script similar to this...

macroScript SmoothingGroup1
category: "BCTools"
on isEnabled return
selection.count == 1 and classOf selection[1].baseobject == Editable_Poly

On execute do
ShowEndRes = ShowEndResult
if ShowEndResult == true then (ShowEndResult = false)
v = subObjectLevel
subobjectLevel = 4
sel = polyop.getFaceSelection $
print sel
max select all
$.autoSmoothThreshold = 180
$.EditablePoly.autosmooth ()
polyop.setFaceSelection $ sel
subobjectLevel = v
ShowEndResult = ShowEndRes

Dave Black
08 August 2007, 03:10 PM
Don't pay too much mind to the listener window. It usually spits out garbage code. Use the maxscript reference if possible.

The method you want to use is polyop.setFaceSmoothGroup which takes an object, a bitarray of face numbers, and an integer representing the SG you want to apply.

Here's an example that you could copy and paste into a new maxscript window, and the select all and drag to a toolbar to make it a macro script. The try/catch is there to simply cut down on error checking, since this is a simple script, and does not warrent error checking for number of objects selected, and whether or not it's an editable poly. So the try/catch just silently ignores any errors. Sounds like a usefull tool for when you go to project your normals.

fn ClearSGs =
local numFaces = polyop.getNumfaces $
local faces = (for i in 1 to numFaces collect i) as bitarray
polyOp.setFaceSmoothGroup $ faces 1



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