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07 July 2007, 12:14 PM
Hello there, I'm trying to build an "intermediate rig" whatever the hell that means, for a cartoony character, but I want it to deform realistic (as in correct physical twisting of the upper and forearm, the elbow, shoulder etc.) I'm not after stretchy bones, maybe later to incorporate them, but currently I want a rig with as few controls as possible, but enough to have control over all the important movements.
The thing that bugs me most right now is this:
If you keep your arm straight/horizontal, a real forearm can twist about 90 degrees, the upper arm can twist about 180 degrees, combined with the roll from the shoulder, the hand can twist almost 360 degrees in total.
As for rotating, the forearm can only rotate about between 60-85 degrees in one direction>meaning the elbow cannot twist. The upper arm can rotate upwards for about a 100 degrees(combined with a shoulder roll) and down for about 120 degrees, and forwards about 135 degrees, backwards 60-90 degrees, all of these can go further if combined with shoulder rolls/rotations, and by twisting the arm you can do more as well.

I have an early version, and few of the deformation bones worked good enough, but I figured they will only work if all the rotation limits/IK/target/track to/etc constraints are spotless first...
So I want to create a rig where I can stear the arm, and rotate/place it, and the twisting rotating is handled automatically through constraints, first the forearm/wrist, then the elbow and upperarm, and then the shoulder, if possible with only one control.

I've looked at so many little and big rig examples that I'm starting to lose sight of the forest because of all those trees in it.................
Any advice on common/best used/most used ways to set up a semi realistic rig?
i want a simple to control "basic" rig with correct constraints, be it with some toony effects maybe, and on top of that I'll add deformation bones if needed. Facial controls are not even in the picture for now.

Some screens, and if someone wants to look at the files to see what I mean, just ask:

08 August 2007, 02:33 PM
I'm trying to setup a decent arm rig, well a whole rig actually but the arm is my current problem... lol
I have some nice IK effect and a way to control direction the elbow points. Several ways actually, but only one or two actually act like they should. (
from this link the second setup in the middle of the page is the one I currently like best.
However, there is no way I can control the twisting of the arm, not without the elbow locking up at some place. When I set rotation limits on the upper and forearm, they twitch then jump back to original position most of the time, when I give them copy rotation constraints and assign that to just the (local or global) y(whatever axis twists the arm), the arm most of the times just locks up. It still follows the IK bone, but it neither twists or follows the elbow control bone.

I've tried a lot of different setting and setups, like the first example or a LOT of variations of both, but most of the time> IF I get the twist to work, the elbowcontrol doesn't work or vice versa.
With a working elbow direction control, it is most of the times still possible to rotate the arm bones along the twist axis manually when you align the view carefully, but that is just not what I'm after.
I use segmented Bbones, rather than additional twist bones, it's quite possible to get the twist result when you use FK and all, but I want a simpler to use IK setup.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

just copied it from another thread I started, but since this IS the rigging thread maybe I'd get better response here, or at least suggestions or ideas or summat. I can get an okay arm, but not with the twist control I 'd like. How would you guys set that up in whatever app you use?

09 September 2007, 12:15 AM
bit off more than I could chew.... it's turned out to be a very basic rig... o well, next one better. and I learned a lot.
I'll clean him up, remove unused bones and some demo lipsync mess, then I'll call this one done.
he has a basic does what it should armature, with a number of control bones, facial shapes and driven shape keys. Any crits would be nice.
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Shot at 2007-09-01

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