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03 March 2003, 11:55 PM
:buttrock: I must be nuts.....i am in ....lets just hope that i 'll have the time:surprised

for now just starting thread ...hi all:bounce:

03 March 2003, 12:16 AM
:buttrock: :bounce: :buttrock: :bounce: :wavey:

03 March 2003, 04:24 PM
:buttrock: Super!!.. Great to see you here:bounce: keep up my man:buttrock:

03 March 2003, 11:17 PM
:beer: ila_solomon , Mandrake :beer:

thx guys ...what else can a man wish apart from a warm welcome from 3D Monsters :buttrock: like u guys ...

I hope i will have the time and the talent needed ..(although i have already thought some ideas for the animation and i think we are going to lough a lot with what will happen to my poor ....gasp which reminds me that i have to finish her...:wip:

03 March 2003, 12:54 PM
:beer: :bounce: :wip: :wip: As in the classic challenge i post my wip on my Hairdresser here for the Animation challenge...look at her...har ..har :scream:


04 April 2003, 12:45 PM
:bounce: What i have done is finishing model (soon) although here is a smoothed version 'cuase i have already post it in the Classic Challenge section....:bounce: but upper left is a low poly version (in animation i will use this as wrap deformer and for anim tests....:wip:

04 April 2003, 03:06 PM
Sweet Suit!:)

My Fault
04 April 2003, 05:45 PM
The Hairdresser ... too funny! Looks like a great model. :thumbsup:

04 April 2003, 06:42 PM
:bounce: Thanx..let's hope that the animation will be nice:bounce:

04 April 2003, 08:37 PM
:bounce: Here are the models from the Classic Challenge...a smaller degree of smoothness and rigged models in the next update , as well as a storyboard also....does anyone have any funny ideas for a story for The Hairdresser and her hover craft....????:bounce:


04 April 2003, 12:39 PM
:bounce: Started rigging here it is so far !!!

04 April 2003, 02:53 PM
Rig so far ....continue...

comments are welcomed !!!

04 April 2003, 09:15 PM
you could have the Hairdresser flying down on some potential criminals, with her fuzzy eyesight, (if you are still going to include that), cue line and typical confusion + smoke + all , zooms out, and it turns out she's managed to give bad a couple of small bushes, or some dogs or something like that.

yeah it sucks but hey, :p

04 April 2003, 09:20 PM
Very nice DimitrisLiatsos............... I cannot wait to see the wind run through her hair..........:)

I have already told you that I like the details,the entire concept is very interesting,and fun. The rig is very well done. I think it will really help to bring her to life. She needs to be posed,and flexible,so get her out of that "Davinchi" pose already.;) :p

Looking forward to your progress,keep up the good work.:thumbsup: :beer:

04 April 2003, 12:49 PM
Virtuoso,Hamsterhead ,thanks..up to now i just found some time today for me is just a question of finishing this one in 24 .
I don't thing it will be any good...just decent !...anyway here is the LIPSYNC and some small start of her movement...AVI file 1.4 mbytes

Right click as...LIPSYNC (


04 April 2003, 10:17 PM
Well done Dimitris.................As usual you have entered another challenge and shown up very well. You always manage to entertain.I like your efforts,and your overall design/idea.Well done,two thumbs up from me.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


04 April 2003, 08:51 PM
:surprised :buttrock: Well here is just i had the time to do...
which is a fairly raw animation and lipsync ..with no animation on fingers and..not rendered just a playblast (preview)...i hope u like it and gentle with my Hairdresser ..she was animated for 4 hours...sorry not much free time this time...
Here is the brochure (..and the only rendered frame from the

And here is the Preview of the animation...concider this my last update since the challenge ends in 50 minutes...have fun

Right click as ...WHOOPS Palyblast (preview) 3.7 mbytes (


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