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07 July 2007, 06:12 PM
I posted in the main maya forum, but was knocked off the front page real fast. So I kinda realized I should post on the mel page, maybe this way I'll get more feed back -

Hello, I just made a few scripts for maya that I think can help out some people. I've been using them alot and figured if I use them this much I'll post them on CG Society.

Here is a video showing what the three scripts do-

Both movies are the same, just avi or mov for prefrence. As a NOTE - I set my scripts as hotkeys for the videos, there are no windows made yet for these, they are still in their beta stages.

AVI 13 meg - (
MOV 52 meg - (

Below is just a recap of the video along with the links for the scripts.


First script - Isolate Selected
--Now I know, maya already has this, and it works just great. But I altered how it workes in my version. When you leave your isolated selection, it highlights the objects that were isolated. This is so if you make a new object while in isolated mode, you can drop out of isolation and jump back in, and that new object will be part of the isolation as well. (


Second script - Hide Selected
--Yes yes, you can select as many objects as you want. Go to your channel box and hit 0 for visibility to turn the objects off. But my script remembers what objects you hide and is separate from manually hidden objects. So if you hide an object through the script, edit some things, and just run the script again and it will bring back the hidden objects. (


Third script - Render Selected
--Again, another feature in maya, Render Selected Objects Only; but that ONLY renders selected objects. If you have nothing selected, nothing renders. I made it so you select any object, run the script, and it will render the scene for you with just the selected objects. If no objects are selected, it renders the scene in full (almost a hot key for rendering) (


The only problem I was having in these version was making them hot keys as global procs, you can just paste the code in each mel file into the command window for setting your own hot keys. I go into that in my vid if you don't know how to do that.

These are works in progress, so there are bugs. You'll need to forgive me for that. But I haven't really ran into any, so feel free to tell me if you run into a problem.

Note - Upon realization on the Render Selected script, it brings back all hidden objects after the render. I'll fix that and post back later. (I'm almost done with the fix.)

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07 July 2007, 06:12 PM
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