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03 March 2003, 01:35 PM
...I can't believe how instable C2.x is. it just crashes and crashes all the time. holy cow.

03 March 2003, 04:23 PM

Everyone here is using a different configuration so different things occur with different systems.

Combustion doesn't usually just crash every where and any where.

I am not saying that combustion is bug free, no software ever is, but we need to look at each individual case.

Firstly, what is your hardware configuration. Please include the graphics card you are using.

What are you doing when the software crashes?

We can work at it from here.


Discreet UK

03 March 2003, 01:33 PM
i know, but it really crashes too much. also the node-tree is very slow and when you have a complex setup it's almost not possible to work with it.

hardware is

amd 1700xp athlon, 1024 (1gb ram), 180gb hd storage, nvidia ti128 4600 graphics.


what i am doing when the software crashes? ->>> swearing and restarting it again.

03 March 2003, 02:00 PM
Ah, now this is something to start with ;)

Firstly, I will say that your graphics card is not certified to run fully with combustion. There is a full list available on our website at

However many people are doing fine as well. What you need to do is go into the preference menu and select OPEN GL. There is an option that says "USE SOFTWARE OPENGL". Try adjust this option and rebooting combustion to see if it makes a difference to performance.

Secondly the schematic does work fast if it is set correctly.

I am making the assumption that everytime you add a filter to the layer you get a thumbnail display. So with a large composition you have tons of thumbnails all over the schematic.

Now the reason for the slowdown is that each thumbnail can act as a viewport. so 80 thumbnails have to refresh each time!! that will make things slow. Thankfully this is a setting.

Go into the preferences menu and select Schematic.

in this menu you will find an option that says "Display Thumbnails on new nodes". Turn this option off.

Secondly, I usually have Footage and composite ticked under Always display thumbnails. Click OK.

Now return to your schematic. Everytime you create a new node it will be a rectangular node with no thumbnail. This will speed things up tremendously. Any other nodes that already have thumbnails displayed, just select them and hit "T". This is the enable thumbnail keystroke. So if you ever want to preview an operator/filter as a thumbnail, just press this button to expand/contrct the node.

Hope this helps.


Discreet UK

03 March 2003, 02:41 PM
Hey Grant, is discreet planning support for the new Quadro's? the FX 1000 and FX 2000.

03 March 2003, 02:48 PM

At this point I cannot say.

The rate at which boards get produced is astounding. We try test as many as we can within a given period and the ones that really work well with combustion we will certify.

Because boards are not certified does not mean they won't work with combstion. Some of them might probably work extremely well. OPENGL is strange technology to work with because each board delivers things slightly differently hence the reasons for using the software renderer to ensure the composite comes out the way you composited it.

Two issues you need to consider here. Firstly the board itself. What do the chips actually support. And secondly, driver support critical. I have seen new drivers comeout not as good as previous and so on.

My advice is to experiment with these issues until you have found a satisfactory point where you are happy with the softwares performance with the card.

If all else fails or budget does not meet the demands then work with the software opengl option and you should be fine.


Discreet UK

03 March 2003, 06:12 PM
i know the thing about the thumbnails. i did have only a plain node-tree, no thumbs. unfortunately it's still not as zippy as for example in shake or digital fusion.

and it was crashing all the time even if i didnt use the shematic view. simply i had some glows & layers and it crashed each time i tried to render it. when i switched off the glow it worked well again.

c2 is a good tool, but there need to be done some speed-enhancements & stability. especially for the paint & masking-module. this was much, muchhhh muchhhhhh faster in denim's illuminaire paint/ composition/ effect (before it melted to discreet combustion). it was almost like working in photoshop, you could move around stuff so quickly. now it's so heavy.

03 March 2003, 05:08 PM
xmb I notice that you have a gig of ram on your machine so if you'd like to have a "faster paint module" then you can change the settings in the preferences dialogue to something other than the defualt setting of 4MB. I've bumped mine up to 512MB and it's very "peppy". Also I have nearly the exact same setup as your computer (except I'm running a 128MB Ti4200 video card) and the only time that I have problems with combustion crashing is when I try to do to much with particles, (and that's only some of the time). Usually I don't have any problems, even with particles because I've optimized my settings (as per Discreet's instructions). However I don't use the schematic view so I can't speak on the problems you are having with it. But overall I have very few problems with Combustion crashing.

03 March 2003, 10:13 PM
I'd have to second that, on the last 4 adverts I've done, Combustion only crashed once. It seems to run quite stable on my system anyway (p4 1.8, 1Gb ram, radeon 9000)

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