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Toby W. Allen
03 March 2003, 10:52 AM
My name is Toby W. Allen, I am the CEO of The Mill Production and Out Of The Box Entertainment. OBE is currently developing a game for The Mill and is in need of:

- Concept Artist
- High/low poly modeling
(Maya or Max, even softimage)
- Animator

Currently the job possitions are for Freelance work. We do not have the funding yet to pay our team.
I am reviewing the contracts right now to include royalties and such. We do have the possibility of getting some funding, as a tech demo is planned for the summer 2003

Our current project, Dualism: Total Warfare is a game that is set in the near future, one a colonized world. The humans have colonized one planet, near earth, this planet is being used for scientific research and has low military back up. One ship has been reported 'lost' for the last few weeks, only to appear on the earth's base radars recently, before crashing into the planet's biggest spaceport. The planet could not establish any communications with the spacecraft, and earth lost communications with the entire planet soon after the crash.

The player will control a rescue squad of marines, with the help of vehicles and different ground units. The player view will be a third?person perspective view. This is to ensure that the player has a good view and idea of what is happening around him. The view for the player will change accordingly to what unit he controls. All views will be held to a third-person standpoint.

Here is a snip from the mission docs:

"The marines, packed tightly in their spacecraft are arriving to their destination. Their current destination is Marine Base # *-09-XSDW-241, a small base that according to the men on earth should not be under any enemy occupation if there was such a problem. To arrive to this base, the spaceship has to fly over the main marine complex for this sector of the planet. This complex is not that far from the marine base, Scarecrow and his men will be shortly arriving at.

The men are all impatient and looking outside. This is for the most part the first time they have been here. They have never set foot on this planet before and things already don?t look good. The ship is arriving slowly over the main marine complex, there is trouble, the men start asking questions, this is not the marine complex that they were briefed about. This is something else, but in the same place.

The marine complex has been taken over by the alien race and is under conversion. Therefore the main outer shell of the complex is not human architecture, but partly alien. This is a small glimpse of what is to come. The squad does not like this. They are sensing that something is going wrong.

The aliens, below has noticed their entry since they have entered the atmosphere, they have been tracking the ship down. Now they are ready for an attack.

The blast and problems come straight away"

Well anywayz that goes on, and there are various twist and turns to the story. The StoneAge engine is up and running but we are using Maya and 3ds Max as the level editor, with our exporter we will export the levels and models.

Some features:
* Per Vertex Lighting
* MD3 model support
* Octree Culling
* Occlusion culling
* Particle Systems
* Hardware multitexturing
* Vertex Array support
* Vertex Shading
* Per-pixel Lighting
* Bump Mapping
* Mesh generated terrain
* Powerful Shaders

We'd love to talk to you, if you have MSN (as the team meets using that) you can add me using this e-mail address I'm using.

Also visit our site: the site and game are not announced therefore the site is kept under warps)

We are thinking of getting this game to PC and Xbox, later Macs too.

We have added a new Dev section that contains all the resources for everyone.

Thanks again and if you have any questions please ask,

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