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03 March 2003, 08:25 AM
Hi all,
I'm a character animator since 7 years ago. I used 3d-studio for DOS, Lightwave and Maya (during the last year).
I'm not a one man studio... I only want to enhance my animation techniques working for a CG studio. Maya has capable tools for character animation but my expierence using it was distressing.
I think Maya is a good soft for a BIG studio.
I'm wondering what soft is the best tool for a home animator (A:M, Lightwave 7.5 with MotionBuilder, 3ds max with CS?)
What soft has the best workflow and stability?

Thanks and regards. :wavey:

03 March 2003, 02:00 PM
Dixon "Oreole" #2 pencil, a ton of paper, paper punch, a scanner and some compositing software.

It appears that just about any 3D software can be used to make animation. Quality is difficult to acheive in any software application and crashes are common until you become familiar with all of the quirks and processes.
If you need to learn how to bone and set constaints for advanced rigs.. A:M can be the budget learning tool for that.
The drawback is that these rigs are not readily exportable.

A:M has a very well defined set of animation tools; simple and effective compared to other applications. The GUI is fairly clean with a minimum of nested menues, but still complicated enough to loose track of some settings. The software is tailored for a multi-monitor set-up. This is highly recommended and opens up the workspace, but requires a higher level of hardware to accomodate the stress.

Learning all the tricks needed to move geometry smoothly takes time. Also, learning to build IK/FK control rigs on top of your models is another. One advantage and disadvantage is that models can be contructed with extreamly low density geometries.
Low density is encouraged - as highly detail models will tend to pinch, tear, crease and render badly.

Is A:M going to crash on you? The answer is yes. And probably quiet frequently, but you will learn if that's was your main motive.

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