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03 March 2003, 11:08 PM
i am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to have my hips be able to thrust independantly of the rest of the spine. and if alterations to the skeleton can be done after skinning. would love to hear what you all think on this subject.

sorry for all the posts

03 March 2003, 03:45 AM

i just saw this the other day..infact it was posted in the main maya forum. there is something about hip thrusting in there, on the 4th or 6th'll have to look for it. its an animated picture on the top of the page.


03 March 2003, 12:45 PM
You can always rig an independent sort of hip as a child of a main hip. How you do it depends on you. An easy one joint way would be a reversed (pointing down) joint with an aim constraint. Or you can use something like splineIK as in Jason Shleifers DVD etc....

As for alterations of the rig after skinning, it can be done. But if you are moving actual joints around you'll be changing the mesh. For that you'd want to save skin weights using Maya or an external MEL script to do that, then unbind skin, then change the rig, then rebind skin again new and reload skin weights.

03 March 2003, 03:18 PM
yeah i have had some success with the spline IK, i havne't figured it out completely, but i am a lot closer.

skigil : yeah, i ended up finding that thread, it was a little different, but still helpfull. thanks

michaelcomet : thanks for your help on this as well as the 'negative rotations' thread

03 March 2003, 06:38 AM
Do a spline IK, make clusters of the verts. Parent the clusters under a upper and lower back curve or control objects.

Animate the ctrl objects.

That should work.

04 April 2003, 06:53 PM
i just had an extra hip bone pointing down from the root....while the root joint was not actually weighted to anything.

I then do this to create the control objects: create a locator and snap it to the root joint(the hip rotates around this point)

1: point contrain the locator it to the hip joint so it follows the hip when it moves.

2: orient contrain locator to hip the rotational axis of locator match the hip.

3: Delete orient contraint so you can do next step.

4: Orient contrain the hip to Locator....bone should not move or rotate due to the previous contraints. You should now be able to rotate the locator and the hip joint will follow...special note: i moved the pivot point of the locator to root joint so the rotation would go around the root...not the actuall hip bone

5: Now to get 0 0 0 rotations...i group the locator to itself...and move the pivot to the root joint. This is very important for going in and out of the bind pose. This new node is the control node(with translate and scale locked)....and the locator is hidden and unkeyable.

04 April 2003, 08:35 PM
Just saw this today: . Made by the brilliant mind behind the classic Pepe animations for the Arnold renderer, Daniel Martinez Lara. Pretty much nails down why you want to use a IK spline for spine!:applause:

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