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07 July 2007, 07:29 PM
Please help me, I have problems changing the order of the inputs in a skinned mesh. OK, the scenario is:

1. I smooth bind the monster (not a real monster, just a sphere, let's call it a monster...)

2. I add some blendshape corrections through a Parallel Blender... (amm... I can't figure out any other way for now... I need a corrective blendshape that adds up to a deformation, in parallel, so that when the correction is 100% it doesn't replace all the other deformers... but adds to them. does anyone know how to do this btw without parallel bs?)

3. the order of operations becomes Parallel Blender on top (which means the last one to evaluate, I think...?), Skin cluster below... but I need the skin cluster to be on top, the first one on the list, or else... all my Parallel Blender corrective deformations get screwed as soon as I rotate the monster (the corrective blendshape still points in the same direction, it doesn't care about my rotation)

So I need to drag the Parallel Blender below the Skin Cluster. As soon as I do that, all inputs dissapear and there are no more deformers on my monstruous sphere...

07 July 2007, 06:49 AM
I'm not absolutely sure about the scenario you want, but let me clarify and correct me if I'm wrong: Do you want the blendshape to correct the deformation of the smooth bound deformation without replacing it?

It that's the case you don't need the parallel blender. All you need to do is:

1. Duplicate your monster in default pose, before the skin deformation (or if you've already skinned you can set the envelope of your monster's skin node to zero (along with any other deformers), duplicate it, and set the skin envelope back to one before you continue).

2. Apply a blendshape to the monster geometry using the duplicate as a target, with origin set to local, and in the advanced settings set your deformation order to default. You don't have to deform the target just yet.

3. Skin your monster. The resulting deformation order should be: blendshape - smooth bind. (If you've skinned your geometry first before applying the blendshape, just reverse the deformation order by selecting your geometry and going to the Inputs to the Selected Object icon (to the left of the render icon on the top right of the interface). Go to all inputs and middle mouse drag your blendshape node before the skin node).

4. Deform your geometry using your joint setup. When you hit the pose where you need the corrective blendshape, set the target weight to 1. Then deform your target until your base mesh receives the deformation you were hoping for.

07 July 2007, 05:01 PM
thanks isoparmB,

your workflow is ok, until the last step. the "deform your target until your base mesh receives the deformation you were hoping for" is difficult and slow, and not artist-friendly.

but I think I just realized... that in fact, yeah, I might not need the parallel blender, I only need the bs to be calculated before the smooth skin... right? this might work :D

(but with the corrective sculpting, I still need to sculpt a duplicate of the deformed mesh, and then calculate the corrective difference, which I managed to do sucessfully :D I wonder though... if simply applying that correction as a default bs, before the skin cluster... would work... let me see...)

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07 July 2007, 05:01 PM
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