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03 March 2003, 08:42 AM

Saw the new Viao and it prompted me to think about the real need of a mobile processor.


1. 2.6 P4 processor (400FSB)
2. 512 mb RAM
3. 2 drives adding up to 60GB
4. 64mb Mobility Radeon 9000
6. 16.1 UXGA


1. 2.2 P4-M processor (400FSB)
2. 512 mb RAM
3. 1 60gb drive
4. 64mb Q4 700go GL
5. DVD drive
6. 15.1 UXGA

The Viao is supposed (I know that quoted times are not based on real world usage and also that it depends a lot on what its being used for) to last 2.5hrs on a single batt. 3.5 on 2 batts.

The Dell lasts bout the same on both counts, both also supposed quoted times (even tho I know it to be 'fairly' accurate as I have one)

I know that the Q4 probably guzzles up quite a bit of juice, but when you put it beside the Viao with an extra 1" of screen space to power, 1 extra drive, a desktop processor which is faster (esp when you consider that the quoted batt times on the Dell are actually based on a 1.2Ghz speed - stepping, and not a true 2.2) and the 64mb ATI 9000 which I think isn't that conservative on its power requirements anyways, why is the battery time so efficient?

And if thats the case, why the need for mobile processors? Especially considering the lower speed that they actually run on with batts.


03 March 2003, 10:51 PM
the intel centrino processors are due out en mass quite shortly. you might want to wait for them and see how they perform compared to the current pentium-M processors.

anandtech has a preview up. check out their website and read the review.

03 March 2003, 06:17 PM
Yeah, I would wait for the intel centrino. Right now, 1.6 is available and thats about equivalent to a Pentium 4 2.6. Plus, they use less power.

I just bought a monster (ugly looking) laptop from Prostar. It's a 3.06 HP, 1 gig mem, ATI 9000 128 and DVD burner for about $ 2700. Its pretty much a desktop replacement.

I took it to work and we did Maya's fluid test. My co worker system ran the fluid test at 22 frame a sec and my laptop did the same test at 44 frame a second. I was satisfied. I didn't really check what machine config he was using.


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