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07 July 2007, 09:45 AM
Hi all,
I'd like to create a terrain for a car game in Director (shockwave).
The game will be a top-back view (like colin mcrae for psp). So you see the back-top of the car.
Instead of having the 3D track to rotate I'd like to have the car rotate in the landscape. So the entire track will be pre-rendered and the car will turn. So only the car will be in 3D in a pre-rendered track. The track will "scroll" while the car moves. So only little part of a huge lanscape will be seen in the window.

The problem: when rendering with Vue if I've a huge terrain, I've perspectives. How to render the entire scene like I was always in front of the lanscape like there was no perspective ?

I mean if you have the camera on 45 over the the terrain, pointing on the center of the terrain for rendering, the sides will be rendered as seen from the center of the landscape (the position of the camera). Instead, I'd like the sides to be rendered like I put the camera in front of the scene. Same with top and bottom.
In fact, it's like I want to render all the scene "moving the camera" always in front of the rendered part.
As I'll scroll the scene, I'll always have the same point of view, I mean 45 from the top.
Hope it will be clear enough...

It seems that Max can do it. render without perspective. I'd like to do it in Vue.

a little image to explain:

Thanks for helping


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07 July 2007, 09:45 AM
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