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07 July 2007, 09:45 AM
hey all
heres another I'm finding a bit irritating to work with - I have a simple hand chain in a character - I want to have him do a parkour style run at a box n vault it. I'm using fk in the run anim up to the wall then I'm using the ik blend option to have the hands move into the position where the character will have his hands on the wall as his body/feet move over and 'past' his hands. from that point I want to animate the hands coming back into fk position so I can continue the run cycle.
does anyone have a smooth workflow for this? I find that my hands 'shift' position when I get to the point where the ik should be 100%
also I'm finding the ik handle seems to be either ON or OFF sometimes but not all the time. Sometimes it'll blend and other times it just snaps.
finally theres a sticky control in the ik handle attributes - how is that meant to work in this kind of animation (or another example will do lol)
if theres a thread on the site thats discussed this I'm happy to read thru it but it seems like alot of people are discussing setup methods for it. I'm just using a basic ik handle on the joints that I then want to start using so not too fussed with a clever setup really.

cheers all

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07 July 2007, 09:45 AM
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