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07 July 2007, 01:39 PM

I started setting up my UV's on my character. I set the body polygons (the character is one mesh) to a quick select set. I deleted my current uv set. I fiddled around with the uv's until I got them how I wanted. Then for the rest of the character, just to see what the rest would look like I auto mapped the mesh. Holy Crap.

I got a laundry list of error messages from mental ray about MayatoMR error with an "empty fur description, ignored". Then it rendered with no fur.

I also had a "must be 0-1. Make sure uv's are normalized" error. o.k. made it within 0-1. Normalized it. Still I get "empty fur description, ignored". o.k. I'll turn off mental ray. It won't render in maya either. It SAYS it rendered. But it didn't. I know the fur normals are the right way because I can see the fur in my viewport all fuzzylike.

My file before I started up to set my UV's is o.k. I did everything pretty much the same and it won't break. Not sure what I did, but I'd like to know before I get my model all finished and I can't put fur on it all of a sudden again.

anyone know about this "empty fur description, ignored" business? Thanks in advance.


P.S. Why do I get error messages anyways? I don't think there is even a way in any other software to get error messages besides a dependency loop error message. Darn it, I feel like the maya script window is just so programmers can afford to be lazy and not fix issues.

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07 July 2007, 01:39 PM
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