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07 July 2007, 06:36 AM
Hi all!

I've been working on a TV series (my first) for the last couple of months and I'm finding that when I need to make changes to a shot and I go back and open the scene, I've forgotten all about my overrides in passes, cluster materials (bad, i know), my hidden control objects that have constraints on them, my expressions, etc. I forget because I have worked on many shots since that one and I get the scene confused with other shots I've worked on.

Just wondering if anyone puts annotations in their scene or leaves something/sets up something that makes it easy to come back to a scene many months later and be able to pick up form where u left off? As I said this is my first TV series I've worked on and I'm just starting to figure out now that i need some kind of organisation that will let me do this!

07 July 2007, 08:00 AM
I work in the Commercials buissines, and here we usually dont have time to set up a proper
pipeline. I do try to keep things clean, and organized as much as possible.
I try to keep the same basic organization for most of my scenes, in most of my projects.

Try to use Groups to simplify the organization.
I usually create a group for all Geometry, a group for Hidden stuff, a group for all
keyable/animatalbe objects, a group for envelopes, a group for objects sharing the
same GeoAproximation, etc'...

I also try to call the same names to similar "controls" in scenes (i.e GlobalSRT, RotationMaster, EyesLookAt etc')

If there are special set-ups in a scene, it's a good idea to make an annotation or a note
in a scene, or on an object...

So, my humble suggestion is to keep the overall structure and names pretty similar
in most scenes, it makes it easier to come back after a long time, and feel at home :)

I am sure other people have more/better suggestions.

07 July 2007, 10:33 AM
Hey Kuro,

So sorry about your predicament. Though I can't help you much with fixing up the current mess, I can share my experience.

I've worked on 2 animated series already (and 2 more currently being done).

In addition to what Oz adi mentioned....

I organize my files this Way:

1 - DB per Project

within the scenes / pictures / Render Picture folder - I usually folder things according to episode and scene

Example: Under "XXXX" DB ~ Scene folder contains E# (Episode + number) then inside each E# number folder I have the scenes which I name this way >> E#_S#

That way even if I look at the scenes alone, I'll know what episodes they belong to and what scene they are.

If there are shared things like textures / BGs and models, I simply put them in folders by episode (since I've experienced very few scene specific elements that need to be isolated)

In addition, I create these additional folders in the DB:

Composites > Also sorted inside by E# and S#. This is where I put composited output from The Raw renders in the Render Pictures folder

Comp. Files > Folder that contains my Compositing files (Combustion / After Effects)

Other 3D files > I occasionally need to work with files from different apps., I put them here with the same naming convention.

Main Output > Most of the time I am required to ouptut image sequences to give to the editors. I split this folder into 2 main parts 1 - Image seq. folder 2 - preview folder (which will contain lowrez avi's for viewing purposes.

I try to keep projects within a single DB, that way it'll be easier to back them up, transfer and so on.

Hope things work out for you~ :)

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07 July 2007, 10:33 AM
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