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Mike Nuts
07 July 2007, 09:31 PM
Johan Hiemstra is entered in the "Strange Behavior Challenge" update: View Challenge Page (

Latest Update: Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: 3D Pre-visualization 1 (

Mike Nuts
07 July 2007, 09:20 PM (

Well, I guess the concept sketch says it all. The final image will have a lot more going on though. I haven't check the other entries so I'm hope I'm being a bit original.

Currently working on modeling props which I'll start posting soon. There will be lots of them but I always run in time problems with the challenges so I'm going to try and keep it simple - cartoonish.

Anyway, good luck everyone!

07 July 2007, 09:25 PM
hehe :) resourceful fishie ;) Good luck!

Mike Nuts
07 July 2007, 06:15 AM (

Getting some essential props ready. The net of the net needs some improvement (half a geosphere with several 4x4x4 mods in 3dsmax) but the the clay render does not show it that nicely.

Mike Nuts
07 July 2007, 06:17 AM (

Hopefully I'll be painting a couple of these with Bodypaint 3D to make a couple of different versions.

07 July 2007, 02:22 PM
Fishing and climbing are my most favorite outdoor hobbies, and I must say your
equipment looks very nice and authentic! Love to see them textured!
Keep up!

Mike Nuts
07 July 2007, 07:21 PM
Thanks! Creating this fishing gear brings back a lot of good memories.

Still lots of props to go, currently working on a bait bucket and will start on some land and water soon. :)

Mike Nuts
07 July 2007, 09:54 PM (

A fishing bait bucket. The main lid and the small lid will both have small holes in it.

Mike Nuts
07 July 2007, 06:46 AM (

One dragonfly to go on a water lily. It's medium level detail but probably already more than I need because it will probably just take up a very small portion of the scene. When I'll texture it I'll probably add some lightweight low-density hair/fur to finish it off.

They look beautiful from a distance but up close their butt-ugly.

Mike Nuts
07 July 2007, 06:47 AM
.... duplicate challenge submission post somehow... removed.

Mike Nuts
07 July 2007, 02:11 AM (

Landing dock for dragonfly aka water lily.

At least 20 more models to go before I start on the main one - the fishing fish.

Mike Nuts
07 July 2007, 12:24 PM (

Another lure to go on the main character's hat.

07 July 2007, 10:20 PM
Very nice idea! Great models too!


Mike Nuts
07 July 2007, 07:27 PM (

Yet another prop, a fishing chair.

I started on some rough fish models, I think I'm going to base it on a blue grouper.

Next up is a preliminary environment.

07 July 2007, 08:09 PM
Great start thus far! I'll definitely be following this thread

07 July 2007, 08:34 PM
oh very good models, I like especially the dragonfly

Mike Nuts
07 July 2007, 10:55 AM
Thanks Aaron :)

And thank you too Anna. I planned to do a very simple dragonfly but after my first attempt I googled for dragonfly images and found this ridiculously clear 'blueprint':

Mike Nuts
07 July 2007, 01:56 PM (

The background land as well as the waterside will have a lot more variation (and the fish is also just a temp placeholder). Currently just trying to get the angle and perspective roughly as in the concept sketch and at the same time trying to increase the focus on the fish. I'd appreciate any comments/suggestions.

I just realized I could have gone for a fishing tournament, with a dosen of fishing fish on a lake, in boats as well. Maybe I will if time allows...

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07 July 2007, 01:56 PM
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