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06 June 2007, 10:52 AM
This may be a though one...

I'd like to control the time of a clip myself. To illustrate my problem here's a little example.

I have a character parented to a master locator 'CHARACTER_MASTER'. I created a 'inplace' walkcycle on 24f with a stride of 2m. I create a clip 'WALK_CLIP'.
Now I move my 'CHARACTER_MASTER' Xmeters in the Z-axis.

Now I want to link the time of 'WALK_CLIP' to the distance traveled by 'CHARACTER_MASTER'.

I have calculated a 'Traveled_Distance' attribute. To which attribute of 'WALK_CLIP' do I need to connect my 'Traveled_Distance' (to loop: 'Traveled_Distance' modulo 2m actually) to drive the clips time according to my travelled distance.

So the walkcycle 'WALK_CLIP' loops every 2m that the 'CHARACTER_MASTER' travels.

Hope this is clear. It's an easy thing to do in most softs. Just trying to get it out of maya...
Are there any scripts that do that???


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06 June 2007, 10:52 AM
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