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View Full Version : Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Rachel Quinlan

06-25-2007, 02:13 PM
Rachel Quinlan is entered in the "Strange Behavior Challenge" update: View Challenge Page (http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/strange_behavior/view_entries.php?challenger=12638)

Latest Update: Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: llama poster layout
http://assets.cgsociety.org/challenge/entries/19/12638/12638_1183315434_medium.jpg (http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?p=4488244#post4488244)

06-25-2007, 08:42 PM
http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/entries/19/12638/12638_1182804147_medium.jpg (http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/entries/19/12638/12638_1182804147_large.jpg)

I thought I'd get this started. Here's my first concept...a depiction of competitive llama hairdressing. More to come....

06-26-2007, 05:13 AM
That is a hilarious idea, and indeed strange! Love it!

06-26-2007, 05:23 AM
I love the llama's hair! Are you planning on doing this in 2D or 3D?

06-26-2007, 04:11 PM
http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/entries/19/12638/12638_1182874293_medium.jpg (http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/entries/19/12638/12638_1182874293_large.jpg)

Hopefully, this is self explanatory. It's taking place on a bus or subway.

06-26-2007, 04:15 PM
http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/entries/19/12638/12638_1182874538_medium.jpg (http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/entries/19/12638/12638_1182874538_large.jpg)

Another concept....using a camel as transportation in an aquatic setting.

06-26-2007, 04:17 PM
Swizzle: Thanks! It would be 2D.
Geta-ve: Thank you. :)

06-28-2007, 05:52 PM
http://assets.cgsociety.org/challenge/entries/19/12638/12638_1183053152_medium.jpg (http://assets.cgsociety.org/challenge/entries/19/12638/12638_1183053152_large.jpg)

Here's a study of the llama concept. The llama's face was based on photo reference.
I'm not sure whether this is the concept I'm going with or not at this point. If I do develop it more, I'm thinking of having a large scene with a bunch of different llamas and their hair dressers. Probably a long, horizontal layout.

06-28-2007, 05:59 PM
I thought I'd get this started. Here's my first concept...a depiction of competitive llama hairdressing. More to come....

LOL @ competitive llama hairdressing... I love it!!! :scream:

06-29-2007, 09:52 PM
That can be funny!especially when you add the other lamas!A teenage lama full of piecings would be interesting!what do you think?Have fun and good luck!

06-29-2007, 10:12 PM
oooh such an amazing sketch

good luck, mate :)

06-30-2007, 07:48 AM
Hi Rachel,

love the hairdressing theme
have fun!

07-01-2007, 06:43 PM
http://assets.cgsociety.org/challenge/entries/19/12638/12638_1183315434_medium.jpg (http://assets.cgsociety.org/challenge/entries/19/12638/12638_1183315434_large.jpg)

Well, I think I'm going for the llama concept. I feel like it offers a lot of possibilities.
I've decided to make my image a poster for the hairdressing event. It will show the returning champion, a few of the main contenders, and then the rest of the contestants at the bottom of the page. This will end up looking sort of retro, with a lot of filligree and fancy woodblock type fonts, floating llama heads, floating hairdresser heads, and whatever else I can jam into the composition for comic effect.
More to come soon.... :)

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