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06 June 2007, 12:15 PM
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07 July 2007, 04:49 PM (

Welcome everybody !

My english is not the best, but i think it´ll last to explain my pictures, as long as necessary,
and answer to your questions and comments.

After some days of brainstorming and thinking about "strange behavior", i finally got an idea.

In my image i want to show somebody, who is hunted because of his strange behavior.

The main character is a magican. He lives in a city, where industrialation and new techniques
have replaced all myth and magic. Magicans are no longer needed and even persecuted for their
unusual way of life.

My magican tries to escape in one night, but he is discovered by some guards.

I want to show the moment of descision between escape, surrender or maybe an attack.
And, for this contest, even more important, the painting i will expose the contrast
between the orderly town and the strange magican with his abilities, equipment and behavior.

07 July 2007, 10:57 PM (

To get a feeling for the scene i did a quick sketch of the values.

Perspective and Composition are not final and i will try and think about different solutions for the next steps.

07 July 2007, 10:18 AM
Nice value and composition sketch. I'll keep a eye on this, good luck with it.

07 July 2007, 06:03 PM
Wow! You did it! You started!

Looks cool so far, but I think the perspective and composition could be I bit more interesting.
But I know this is going to be great! Keep on and good luck!

07 July 2007, 02:45 PM (

@essen and tAstyBITs: thanks !

The last days i tried to find a new perspective by constructing it in a simple 3d-program.
I think this one will work.

Also added two new figures at the right, little friends of the magican. perhaps dragons or monkeys...? ;)

07 July 2007, 06:18 PM
Hi Lucy, and welcome to the contest!!! Good concept, like the lights, good start! I´ll wait for ups!

07 July 2007, 08:14 AM (

I didn´t have much time in the last day and will still be busy until next week. But i did a new sketch this morning.

I like it at this moment, but there are still some things to adjust before i ll start to finalize the drawing.
I will think about it during work and hope for helpful comments ;)

08 August 2007, 12:46 AM (

When i thought about the scene the last days, i realized that the most important missing part was the color.
I head no concrete idea at all.
Normally i would have continued with a more accurate drawing, but this time i tried to go on here.

So i experimented a while and this was the result.

08 August 2007, 01:50 PM
Nice colors! It'll be nice to see them as you refine them more, especially the warms around the main figure.

Compositionj-wise, everything you have works, but I wonder whether it might be stronger if you comitted to really pushing the lardnscape shape of your canvas... or make it a strong portrait shape. Right now it feelsa a bit non-comittal, like ti can't make up its mind which it wants to be! :) For example, what if you extended the canvas on the left and moved the shooting figure over there too, so that he was one third of the way from the left side and your protaganist was exactly one third of the way from the right side? Could be an even stronger composition than you have now... might be worth at least fooling around with before you get too comitted to the painting. (Or not. Just an idea...! :) )
Good luck!

08 August 2007, 03:39 PM (

Hey walrus,
i was just painting, when i read your post.. tried it at once and
i like it ! thanks for your comment. =)
what do you think about the changes ?

i will still adjust some positions when i go back to the drawing.
but now i have a very good idea about the mood of the final image.

08 August 2007, 05:41 PM
I'm glad you like it! I too think it's much stronger compositionally. Good luck with the rest of the coloring!

08 August 2007, 07:58 PM
really cool image here. i dig it and then some. keep up the great work.

08 August 2007, 01:19 AM
Wow, looks great so far! Maybe I change my mind about the warm colors... ;)

08 August 2007, 05:59 PM (

The Drawing before will go on painting the scene.
I used it mostly to define the design of the characters and to add details.

The last step before my vacation... so i have two weeks to think about it and improve some things before i start the painting ! =)

08 August 2007, 06:02 PM
@walrus: Thanks again for your help !

@slav: :)

@essen: hehe, i hope i will convince you ! go on with your painting !!! =D

08 August 2007, 07:55 PM
Yay, great Lineart - i just wanted to ask if i should draw mine more detailed, but this answered my question. I'm anxius to see your next steps. Maybe you should go for a winter scene...

08 August 2007, 09:06 AM (

I did a new lineart, a bit more precise and some little changes.

08 August 2007, 09:12 AM
@riverdragon: i was not sure about this question at my picture,too...
but when i started coloring the old lineart, i realized that a lot of lines were
still not very exact. so i tried to solve this problem now in the drawing...
to solve it during the painting, together with a lot of other problems
(like values, colors, etc) would have been much harder !

08 August 2007, 10:23 PM
double post !

08 August 2007, 10:28 PM (

Today i took my early colored version and my lineart and started the painting! =)

Tomorrow i will do something else...and with a little distance i will try to adjust it at the weekend...a lot of things to do before i´ll start with the details.

08 August 2007, 12:10 AM
Wow! It is Amazing.
Your work with color and lighting is really splendid. :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:
Keep it up, dude )))))))))))))))

08 August 2007, 04:25 AM
While I don't think what you've chosen is a very good idea for the given competition, you are amazingly talented and I can't wait to see the final image.

And I just wanted to ask you, did you do the original line art on paper and scanned, or did you draw it in Painter (which I'm assuming from the colour version is the software you're using).

08 August 2007, 01:07 AM (

Well, a little update... tried to improve the colors and values.

While i was painting i realized that i don´t like some parts of the magican´s equipment. I think i will change some things is just not interesting, original and strange enough.

08 August 2007, 01:21 AM
@deser: thanks ! =)

@killer-instinct93: thanks for your comment as well.
i have to say i don´t feel quite able to rate my idea right now.
i will concentrate to finish this and after a while, hopefully more
comments and some distance to my illustration i will see.
anyway, i understand your concern, but i still hope it will work in the end. =)
would be happy to read more comments about this aspect!

the drawing is also digital, but i used Photoshop for lines and painting.

08 August 2007, 04:51 PM
Hi! really cool idea :thumbsup:

Maybe to add some tech contrast add a machine (a car?) in the background...

The mood is great keep it coming this way :applause:

08 August 2007, 08:31 PM
Great image and I like your use of colors a lot!
I agree a bit that the theme you've chosen might not fit for a 100%..
On the other hand,personaly i'll open the canvas still a bit more and maybe it could be cool to push even more the contrasts between the magican(more oldish and traditional) and the town surrendering him(more modern and somehow a bit cold and clean,maybe even a bit futuristic.

Right now with the desaturated tones and the dirt on the floor,to me it still seems a floor from the time(age?) as the magican.

Maybe a phonecell,a motorbike parked against the wall or something like this combined with a nice futuristic and clean floors could push further the contrast between the 2 ages they represent...hope my english is good enough to stay understandable..mine is lacking also sometimes,:grin:.
Just some suggestions ofcourse.
Anyway Great Work!!! and looking forward to your next updates!Cheers!

09 September 2007, 02:34 AM
I really like your composition! The action is nice and tight and there is so much detail to look at! I also really like the painting style and colors you are going with! Is looking great can't wait to see the next update!

09 September 2007, 02:26 PM (

new update.
some changes at the magican and some more at the colors.

This is the Point where i will scale up the image and start with the details.

09 September 2007, 02:43 PM
Nomad: A car is a really great idea...i just don´t know where to put it in the scene.
Maybe it´s too late.. i will think about it. Maybe one of those motorized carriages....

Omker: Thanks for your Comment as well. I think i know exactly what you mean, but i didn´t
want to show two completely different ages. After the middle ages it was a long a slow process
from the first steam engines to motorbikes and phonecells. So i wanted to show the beginning
of these changes.
Well maybe i my idee would be clearer when robots would hunt my magican..but i really like
this more subtle contrast as well.
I will show some parts of this early time of industrialisation in the background.

zilla: thanks ! =)

09 September 2007, 01:52 PM (

i started to paint some details.

There are also some changes, especially in the background.
i even found a place to park a vehicle. ;)
well, .. i think i works out this way much better.
so thanks again for your help ! =)

09 September 2007, 05:44 PM
What a cool entry! I so fancy this palette and lighting situation, wow!! :)

09 September 2007, 07:57 AM

I like this one a lot!

The mood is very haunting and I love the somewhat action pose of the magician.

I only have one comment... the shooter in the back looks much like a 2.w.w. soldier... have you thought of making him look a bit more spacy?
I think it would be very interesting if the city was realy clean and high-tech and the wizard would really stand out with his old rags and potions behind his belt. Maybe then the contrast would show even more? Just something you could try out...

Waiting on your proggress =)

09 September 2007, 08:26 AM
I really like it and also I like the step #11 . That level is a wonderful rough

09 September 2007, 12:27 PM
This is going to look realy great! Only two things: In my opinion, the details, espacially on the magician look a bit confusing, is hard to identify what the stuff is he has under his robe. the other thing is, that on the CRT I sitting right now, the pic looks a bit dark. Maybe you could make the whole image a bit brighter.

09 September 2007, 12:49 PM
I like the image but it doesn't seem strange enough. Good luck.

09 September 2007, 01:01 PM
Holy wow... that's pretty.
How do you manage this softness?
Hmnn ... i must tell you though, at first glace the visuals were a bit confused... i don't know what it is, the perspective? but it looked to me that the cizard is actually some LARGE monster farther away from us than the shooter.
This feeling was pushed along by the shadows on the wizard from his looked like some child had taken control of some great hollow coffin-like construck and was terrorising the townspeople.
Heh. just thought you might appreciate being told of this little visual mistaken identity.

09 September 2007, 04:17 PM (

after this i will go on with the final elaboration.

so next update will be a detailed view on the magicans head and torso, i think.

09 September 2007, 04:20 PM
@Azurelle: thank you ! =)

@Sovica: haha, just the same suggesion as on the last page. ^^
i still like my age of industrialisation for this picture.
well,.. but i have to agree that this would have been also a great contrast
and maybe my idea would be transported better.

@scala: thanks... well, the rough colorblockings always got some advantages,
which are only hard to take to the final image.

@essen: well, the stuff will become clearer...nothings final yet.
you´re the first who complains about the darkness... sure it´s a very dark
picture in some areas but i thought that less important parts could
step behind a little bit. i would be happy about more comments to this point.

@guero: thanks for your comment.

Thats an interesting interpretation.. ^^ i definitively see the problem.
Especially because the magican looks too powerful, as i heard before.
The softness is just created by different brushes with low opacity, flow
and hardness... nothing special so far.

09 September 2007, 06:06 PM
Awesome! I like the color scale and the whole composition, very nice work! Good Luck!

09 September 2007, 02:03 PM (

just some progress...

09 September 2007, 02:20 PM
Great paint job going on here. Love the details and the lighting. So much fun!

09 September 2007, 09:14 PM
very stylistic and magical the same time! :eek: i really adore the lighting and situation too! :p waiting to see what's next :bounce: lovely work! :D

10 October 2007, 08:58 AM (

i continued painting the details.
The floor ist almost completely new,
also some things at the magican.

still so much too do.. the details always take so much time..

10 October 2007, 09:01 AM
@Nemesix, Jeffparadox, nwiz25:

thanks for your nice comments ! :)

10 October 2007, 07:14 PM
Very good work, Im impressed :-)
Rock on!

10 October 2007, 06:05 AM
I really love how you handled the lighting. There's a lot of drama and eeriness to the image that is working really well! Great job on the details too. Fantastic piece all around.

10 October 2007, 06:30 AM
Beautiful :thumbsup:

To me it looks like you have come far with this. Almost done.

10 October 2007, 08:06 AM
Herrlich, Mensch!
Komposition, Farbe und lighting sind super! :)

10 October 2007, 05:19 PM (

well, i think i´m coming to an end with this one. =)

in this update there are changes in the background, i added some more fog, the magican
got his old hair back from the sketches, the wall behind the soldier was more defined ,
the floor, the coal, etc.

some little changes will follow in the final version released within the next days.

10 October 2007, 05:32 PM
@coolkonrad: thank you !

@KPetrasko: thanks !

@MartinNielsen: yes,... it feels so good to spend the last hours with it ^^ thanks !

@Hideyoshi: danke :) hau mal rein mit deinem... bald ist schicht im schacht hier..

10 October 2007, 05:34 PM
Really great one, lucy!

10 October 2007, 07:24 PM
Hey, really really nice, Flo!
Waren die 2 Wochen wohl doch zu wenig ,was ? ;)
Keep it up and good luck, buddy!

10 October 2007, 08:20 PM (

Strange Behavior.

When i heard about the topic "Strange Behavior" i spent a lot of time and pages to find my
link to this contest. I read the instruction and found an interesting setence.
"It can be exciting or frightening." The last word kept an inspiration for me.
A lot of people have always been afraid of strange behavior. People have been hunted,
punished and killed because their behavior seemed strange to other people.
This even lead to very strange behaviors, unfair laws and cruel penalties.

I thought about this theme and came to witch-hunting, which is an example of this.
So i finnaly created the idea for my picture.

In a time, when metal and new machines, became more important people have forgotten all
about the spiritual side of live. The magicans, ancient helper and healer of the humans,
were no longer needed and finally their abilities became a thread to the new forces of
industrialization. The order of the magicans was banned, their rituals and powers
became illegal.
Many magicans gave up their rank or moved to deserted areas.
Only few stayed and remained in the underground, allthoug the danger through the persecution was big.

In this night one of the last finally decided to escape from one of the capitals of the new age.
He left his home, only carrying a few precious things. He hoped to get over the city wall in
the depth of the night. Sneaking from corner to corner, hoping his behavior would not draw
the attention of the guards.
When he lost one of his magic potions, one of the soldiers saw it, and his plans were abortive.

In my picture i wanted to show this moment.
Will he be caught ? Will he try to fight this, maybe also using his powers for destruction ?
Will he try to escape ?

Well, it´s your descision.
I want to thank you for your attention, your comments and your help. =)

best regards
florian aka lucy

10 October 2007, 07:24 AM
Hey Florian!
This is a stunning piece! Definetly one of the strongest pieces in the challenge.
The composition works perfectly and I love the contrast between the warm and
cold colors. It really pushes the story.
Congrats on finishing this fantastic piece!

p.s: I have one little suggestion even if it's a bit late...did you try to put some lights
in the windows in the if the guards wake up because of alarm bell or something like that? That might make the situation even more dramatic. It may also distract from the characters...but maybe it's worth a try.

10 October 2007, 08:02 AM
Fantastic image! Strong focal point - and makes me feel for the magician! You well detached foreground from the other planes - just in passing - I had a little problems reading shape of this monkey thing on the right.

And my little idea - as we feel for the magician, so you could emphasize it by adding a mouse for example bitting a soldier, a little funny thing.
Gratz again!

my strange challenge:

10 October 2007, 08:15 AM
I love the composition and the way you've painted this :)

Good luck!

10 October 2007, 03:18 PM
@goro: den ersten satz kann ich schonmal so zurückgeben. =)
gerade deswegen freut mich dein lob sehr. ich hab hier und im daf noch einige super
verbesserungsvorschläge bekommen, kann man mich aber nicht mehr recht aufraffen, nochmal
dran zu gehen. so sehen die bauten vielleicht auch etwas kälter und gespenstischer aus.
naja, wie auch immer. ;) viel erfolg wünsch ich dir.

@artozi, Pearlyking: thanks !

10 October 2007, 04:39 PM
und hehe..ich kenne das Gefuehl wenn man abgeschlossen hat und nimmer ran will.
Es ist auch so Supergeil!


10 October 2007, 04:51 PM
Kann mich hier allen anschließen, das Endergebnis is hervorragend geworden!
Ich finde auch, es hat gerade genug details um die Aussage rüberzubringen.
Zur erntklassigen Komposition und Farbwahl brauch ich wohl nichts mehr zu sagen, oder? :)
Viel Glück, du hast gute Chancen!

10 October 2007, 09:04 PM
Such a beautiful image, I remember seeing this before I entered the challenge and now i have run into it again, complete and in all it's glory. Your story is solid and really does add a lot more to the image and the mood. Fantastic job!!

You have my best wishes!:thumbsup:

10 October 2007, 02:07 PM
Hi Florian! Congratulations!
The fantastic atmosphere, colors and lighting are
all stunning together. If it was possible to read a book based
on your illustration/concept would be great!
Good luck!

10 October 2007, 03:30 PM
Wow: what an amazing artwork! :eek: The visual part is in every case eyecandy (haven't yet had time to read the story)! Your piece of art has such a well defined atmosphere, amazing lighting and inspiring character design. Take a good rest, you deserve/might need it? ;)

10 October 2007, 03:59 PM
looking really good man!! :deal:

10 October 2007, 05:39 PM
Gratz, looking good!
Good luck, hope you win second price :rolleyes:


10 October 2007, 02:48 PM
Hi there, i like the colors and especially the way you play with the light. Nice composition, wish you luck!
P.S. I used to live in Muenster for 3 years, loved the town and Aa See :)

11 November 2007, 05:17 AM
Beautiful piece Florian! the technical side of the piece is spot on. But what I like most of all is its meaning and concept. Great explanation on your Final Image post! All in all its one of my favorite on the forum.

11 November 2007, 05:56 AM
love your concept a lot! everything blends very well, especially the attention given to the magician, very well executed! even the story is pretty gripping too :eek: congratulations are in order! :applause: i wish you good luck with the judging! :thumbsup:

11 November 2007, 02:25 PM
Beautiful work...

11 November 2007, 05:34 PM
Beautiful work Florian. Superb lighting and composition. I love all those little amulets and magic gadgets hanging from the inside of the magician's robe. I wish you the best of lucks on the final decision. Congratulations.

11 November 2007, 02:29 PM
i really like this one... but for some reason the cloth of that wizard looks very thick and solid... donno if that was intended... anyhow the image looks real good... keep up the good works

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