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06 June 2007, 11:06 AM

on our universitie's computers there is vue xstream and maya available, yet. i worked a bit with it. it's possible to bring vue's environment into maya. i have got the whole scene of vue in my maya. now i can put in or create an object in maya. i can translate this object in any direction i want it to move. i set keyframes and bah ... i am ready with my scene. for example: i have got a car driving through a hilly landscape. now i want to save this scene. it's possible to save it only in vue. maya opens a vue-window for this action. in this scene i can now see my landscape but not my object i put in this landscape within maya. ok. that doesn't matter because in maya i have the whole scene with my object. i can now render the environment within vue and after this i can render my object within maya. then i have 2 videofiles i can put together in any compositing-tool like after effects or combustion.
BUT. is it possible to render the whole scene with the object in one file or sequence? or do i need to render it in 2 seperate ways? or is it possible to bring an animated object from maya into vue?

the problem for my car is, that the environment within vue doesn't render the shadows of my car in this scene, because vue don't show it in it's ui. when i render the car in maya i also don't have got any shadows on the bumpy ground because maya doesn't render the vue-environmet.

where can i get help? does anybody know the answer?

thx ;)

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06 June 2007, 11:06 AM
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