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03 March 2003, 11:44 PM

Hey people of CGTalk. :)

I am posting this cause I have seen some people doing the same over the last few months.

We have put together a team to create a game! Yes a game, very original. Unlike some other people we have not disbanded yet after 4 months, and we easily plan on 2 more years of development at the very least. Our motto was going to be "By gamers for Gamers!" until someone told us Interlplay would sue us. But it is still basically what we are doing, listening to the public, just doing our stuff, in our free time, having fun, at our own pace.

This game we are making is of an online nature, it is about a world I shall quote a little bit of a press release I wrote. (Don't take that to seriously it really doesn't mean anything to the press)

"This new game is set in the world of Kalandae, a fantasy rich setting. The world of Kalandae has been through some pretty rough times in the past, but now the world is starting to pick up again. Magic has resurfaced, and all kinds of races now inhabit the world. It is this world that is the main focus off the game.

The game has an ever evolving story with an active team behind it. Your character might be able to have a huge influence on the world and it's story. The characters themselves can be detailed down to their hair color. To keep people interested in the game we have developed a very interesting new skill system for the use of magic, and general skills. This system will keep you hooked for months. The game is going to be fully 3D, with the exception of some 2D art renders. The graphics won't be very revolutionairy, but we hope to make up for that with our features that are attuned to your wills, and our overall evolving storyline. We will probably no match the quality and sheer size of any of the great names out there, but we will sure as hell try!"

We don't like to brag around the full story, but we hope it is interesting enough.

Here are a few teaser thingies to hopefully impress people:

This is a very small version of the worldmap

And here we have a works of GrimReaper our 3d modeller, it is obviously a mace. Every item is going to have a high res render, he has done several already.

I know we require some nice people to work with, I know it is quite a list but a lot can be combined in one person, and we are looking for dedication and motivation more then skill.

Here is a list of the jobs we have, it is posted formally, but we really aren't all that formally.

This is our homepage, of the studios. The game has yet to get a seperate site.

What we really are dying for is a nice concept artist :)

Well, hope to have informed ya all enough. We would love to see you guys around on our forum.


03 March 2003, 03:33 AM
remember to have a sense of humor.

the new races have come about because a bizarre orgy taking place at the house of a "alternative" minded magician.

thus this leads us to the new species. and gives a reason for where they came from.

03 March 2003, 09:30 AM
Well... uhhmm... no more beer for this guy!

We got humor, don't ya worry about humor! :D But.. not exactly THAT strange...

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