View Full Version : scene scale impact on rendering ?

03 March 2003, 08:59 PM
hi all ! :p
i wonder if the scale of my scenes has an impact on render times ?
is it faster to render a 1cm objet than a 1Km objet if they are the same size on screen ?
an if there's an impact on post effects like fur ?

also, is there a way to have the fur render faster ? some way to cache them maybe ? cause i have a landscape with grass, with both a close-up and a wide view of the field.
and, worse, i have an object landing on the close-up part of the grass ! :surprised

hey, i know, the guy who wrote that scene is a psycho ! :annoyed:
dawm, i wrote that scene !!! :p forgot what i've just said and please help me ! :D

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