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06 June 2007, 10:46 PM
Hi, this is a replica to Colt Navy 1851, a mythic revolver of the Old West era. It's meant for my game modificacion which at the moment is pretty much a personal project (because I wasn't able to gather more help). My preferred areas are level design and coding, but I'm forced to make weapons models too. In fact this is my first gun and my most complex model ATM, so probably I made lots of mistakes. That's why I'm including uv map capture, any crits are welcomed.

Triangle count is 4140, okay for first person view space, there will be a reduced version for world space. Texture is 2048x2048, final could be 1024 if memory constraints appears. These are renders:


06 June 2007, 11:29 PM
It feels like a pretty good start. I feel like a lot of polys are wasted on the screws, and a lot of texture space is utterly unused. Your texture is fine for a base, but I'd recommend adding wear and tear, scrapes, etc. - make it look used. You have a TON of detail along the handle's outlines, but I almost feel like softening up some of those razor corners might be a better use. A good bevel can really make something look manufactured instead of modeled.

Are you looking at normal or spec mapping? Spec map would make a huge difference in all the metal areas. Right now, the revolver looks like it's carved from stone. A good specular would go a long way, and would also be a good place to add wear and tear. Plus, it'd differentiate the wood grip from the metal around it.

I also think that some of those small indentations you have modeled might work better textured (especially if you end up going normal mapped). If this were me - and I won't pretend I'm the best - I'd trim those out, and work with maybe 3 1024 maps: diffuse, spec, normal. This'll give you a way to get a lot of that detail in without thousands of unnecessary polys.

It's a great start, though, for sure. Now it's time to optimize, and to add personality. Make it feel like a used gun!

06 June 2007, 11:42 PM
I agree with everything that DeepOmega said; it looks good, but you can take it further.

With game modeling, it is key to add lighting detail to the model because the real-time engine cannot add all of the necessary lighting (although a spec map would add some).

Take a look at these tutorials, they may be helpful:

06 June 2007, 09:04 AM
Thanks for your C&C DeepOmega, I agree with you at 90% ;) The screws are a bit excesive I know, but the model is under the budget I had in mind, so I went for the real thing. For this revolver I couldn't see too much usage for normals, except some small areas, so I decided to stay away of it. Specular is a must, I know. I'll add it once is ported in game, only the engine render is going to tell me how spec needs to be exactly. Specular map will be 1024, even if the diffuse remains 2048.

I got what you meant to say with "make it feel like a used gun", but that sounds like now wasn't used, and this revolver has nothing to do with a unused weapon. BTW, I want to put here a closer shot, I felt the previous images aren't doing justice to my texturing work. There are a lot of little details there, maybe some of them are too subtle.

Yes Evolution, I'll have to paint some parts of the skin to fake shadows, some of those there now, but don't know if it'll be enough. And thanks a lot for those tuts, gonna read them for sure.

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06 June 2007, 09:04 AM
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