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03-19-2003, 07:47 AM
Hi all,

Sheep Factory wrote:
I still believe a blender forum is unnecessary here at cg talk. Its up to you guys to prove me wrong. It has the potential to be a great resource for everyone.

here`s my 2 cents to try to prove you wrong:

a blender file for the very beginner.


Blender2Yafray,a step by step beginner tutorial:


hope this helps:

Oh, and Thank you ,Sheep Factory for
giving us the chance.


03-19-2003, 07:57 PM
I still believe a blender forum is unnecessary here at cg talk. Its up to you guys to prove me wrong. It has the potential to be a great resource for everyone.

Blender "unnecessary" for cgtalk? I've talked to alot of conventional 2d motion-designers who have wanted to experiment with complex 3d software. Oh yeah some folks forget that the idea of $2,000 or more for Lightwave, Maya or Max 3d "experiments" would be laughed off by most designers in the "real-world". Alot of designers still use 2d software exclusivesly. Some feel that 3d software is too hard to learn. Figure that.

And the crippled 3d software that is offered by some 3d companies makes me laugh. I got involved in 3d years back after puchasing Ray Dream Studio for $500+ Painter $400+Detailer $450+ Freehand $300+++. No, I didn't purchase them all overnight I purchased them as I needed them. I loved Fractal Design tools. And I have purchased other 3d software since then. I have often said to others that if Blender cost $2,000 I would buy it. It is just that valuable. I have payed about $250 for Blender so far. Remember the C-key deal? That last $50 was to free the source code.

Blender is the best professional opensource 3d solution that is available. Now maybe some other 3d software owners feel that the status Blender has in the world of 3d can be ignored. I would say that response would ignorant.

Now bottom-line I would have to say that most folks in the Blender 3d community do not need to use cgtalk for a forum and I feel most will stay put on their own forum.

But as a resource point, the Blender forum should be maintained here on cgtalk for "Real-world" motion graphics-designers and web designers who want to add powerful 3d tools to their workflow that won't obligate them to spend more than they have to just to test out the power of 3d software. After they do this they will want to invest in other 3d tools and we all know what those tools are......

04-01-2003, 07:47 AM
Well H@dj, you've done it again. I always give your zip file to new Blender users. Then comes Yafray, I was waiting until it progressed abit and then there was the fact that I spent so much time learning to use Virtualight with Blender, materials, textures, uv textures ect that I was reluctant to try yable. But your beginners for Yafray is excellent. Just got everything installed and working and already happily exploring this great new tool for Blender (Yafray, Yable). Your efforts to help are appreciated. Thanks!

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